Top 5 Reasons To Take Mock Tests!

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Top 5 Reasons To Take Mock Tests!

Lots of effort is spent in the making of a movie which looks awesome on the screen. Innumerable retakes, reshoots, and change in storylines are few of those actions behind the scenes that make the perfect movie. Mock tests aren’t different either. To exceed beyond the expectations in competitive exams, these tests are crucial and are like test runs before the final bout.

Engineering is one stream in the country that aspirants look upon for better careers. Lakhs of aspirants each year take competitive exams like JEE Main, Advanced & BITSAT to enroll themselves in top engineering colleges. The competition in these exams is high and to make a mark in these exams, mock tests is one of the secret keys.

Aspirants spend at least two years of their lives to prepare for these competitive exams but to bridge the gap between preparation and perfecting the preparation comes the need of mock tests. Here are top 5 reasons to take mock tests before the final exam:

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  • Helps aspirants to test the waters early

Most of the aspirants lose out in these exams by procrastinating. Exams can be farther but deciding to work on it later can harm a candidate’s chance to excel in the exam. By taking mock tests earlier, aspirants can know the pattern of the exam and likewise plan and put effort for it at an early stage.

  • Mock tests are effective revision strategy

Engineering exams aren’t just knowledge based but also critically test the practical implications of the concepts. So, just highlighting the topics or revising the vast syllabus and concepts isn’t enough. The study shows that mock tests are one of the most effective revision strategies that students can adopt. It not only helps an aspirant to strategize for the final exam but also improves retention power.

  • Knowledge enrichment

It is a well-known fact that mock tests after revisions have helped aspirants to perform better in the final exams than the ones who didn’t. The more mock tests one takes, the better he/she has the understanding of concepts. Knowledge acquired through practice has more impact and gets imprinted in the memory.

  • Practicing under the real test environment

Shock in the mock is better than the shock in the final exam. Pressure, anxiety, nerves and what not can lead to a subpar performance in exams. All hard work and perseverance can go haywire when it actually matters. Mock tests are a wonderful opportunity for students to practice in a real test environment and shed the jitteriness or fear of the exams.

  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses.

To excel, one should do a comprehensive analysis of the current position and further improve upon the area where one is lagging behind. Mock tests are the perfect platform for aspirants to know the current state of their preparations and what topics/concepts they need to improve upon to ace the exam. It is also important to know the strengths as strategies can be formulated around it.


Mock tests are the perfect companion to guide aspirants aspiring to take the competitive exams. From revisions to formulating strategy for the exam and getting familiarized with the pattern, mock tests are the way to go.

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