Top 7 Ways to Study Effectively: Success Mantras

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We all put in our best when it comes to taking the life altering decisions. Preparing for entrance exams is one such major and important decision which holds the potential of deciding our future.

Don’t you feel bad when you score bad after studying continuously for days and nights? When you are not able to solve a question after mastering the concept? When your friends are able to grasp the topics better and faster than you?

Something is definitely wrong somewhere with your study approach. Read below to know:

  1. Organise Yourself and Your Plan

Sort yourselves first and your study plan second to study effectively. The tendency of human mind is to easily get diverted from your goal when there is chaos. Take a day if you want to, but introspect yourselves, set your goal, list down all the reasons why do you want to achieve that goal and how do you plan to do it.

This will help you get a clearer picture of how to proceed and what to expect in your journey towards that goal.

  1. Say NO to Distractions

In today’s world where 80% of our daily time is spent surrounded with screens (either laptop/mobile) glued to the social media, chatting with friends, posting and taking countless selfies, how do you think you are going to make up for the dedicated study hours?

Set up a routine, rather a set of priorities for yourself defining what all platforms you will be using and for how much of the time during the day. Don’t exceed those timelines and it will prove beneficial for you

  1. Making Notes is Extremely Essential

Many students realise the importance of making notes once they get started with their revisions. By then, it gets too late! Revision time is to maximise your exam performance. Maintain separate notebooks for writing down the mistakes you attempted in the first time, for noting down the important formulas and questions and for writing down your weaker and stronger sections.

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  1. Don’t Ignore Your Doubts

Students often become hesitant when it comes to ask doubts in a class. It will harm no one except you. How will you be able to see any improvements if there are lingering doubts? If you feel hesitant, ask your doubts after the class or even if not that, there are so many online communities which solves doubts and queries instantly. Post your questions there and increase your confidence levels.

  1. Revise Coaching Notes Everyday

It hardly matters how many concepts you learn in a day. What matters is how much you are able to retain? Teachers will teach and you can listen to them in 5-6 hour long classes but it won’t serve any purpose unless you come home and revise everything before going to sleep. If possible, try solving some questions too.

  1. Study Smart than Hard

Students often put in hard work and spend sleepless nights before the exam but don’t get the desired results. Some tricks for smart study you can try are:

  • The best way to study is to prepare concept by concept. Learn a new concept every day. Solve the questions related to it in the increasing level of difficulty. This way you can master over 365 concepts in a year and all of them in the whole 2 years.
  • Spend more time for preparing the important topics, frequently asked chapters and the concepts carrying more weightage
  • If you get bored using the same study method, go for video lectures, ebooks, study materials, mobile apps
  • Don’t aim to reach the solution of problem. Rather keep thinking about the problem trying to find out all the possible solutions in parallel
  1. Sort Your Study Area

Most of the students like to study in the comfort of their bed by stacking a heap of books all around. After an hour, decide to take a nap, then eat something and the whole day passes like that. There is no point in wasting your days like that. Rather arrange your study desk, gather all what you need to do during the day, sit in silence and study dedicatedly for 1.5 hrs at a stretch. Take short 15-20 min break after that in which you can refresh your mind but don’t succumb to anything addictive.

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