myPAT Community: When in doubt, Ask and when you know, Inform!

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Can’t find a solution to a math question after hours of brainstorming?

Unable to figure out the best 3 months prep strategy?

Stuck with a question in Mechanics?

Are you an aspirant looking to take on the toughest exams in the country and questions like these keeps you awake at night? It should, as it means you are serious about your preparing for the toughest there is. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a single platform where you can get super-fast doubt resolution in an instant? Well, now there. It’s the myPAT Community!

Why a myPAT community?

Getting hands on reliable information and guidance whilst preparing for competitive exams is not easy and neither readily available. We can understand the plight of the aspirants when a question in their remains unanswered and how it brings about restlessness and confusion. So, what student problems are we looking to solve?

  • Lack of credible information.
  • Having to travel long distances to get doubts resolved by experts.
  • Unavailability of experts in the hour of need.
  • Need motivation, inspiration, or even advice, but no one to look up to.

Our desire to aid students and also parents in such situations has led us to build this platform. Many aspirants now resort to self-study to prepare for competitive exams and for such students a designated personalized community becomes all the more important.

About the community

Knowledge is worthless if not shared. The myPAT community is a dedicated platform for students, parents, teachers, educators, and toppers to not only get their doubts resolved but also to help each other out in the time of need, anytime anywhere.

The community is a free collaborative platform for you to ask questions, share new learnings or information, have constructive discussions, share solutions to toughest of questions and to give or get advice.

Benefits of myPAT Community?

We ask you why not? The community is a one-stop solution for students like you who aspire to appear in competitive exams like JEE, BITSAT, KVPY, and NTSE and make a better future. Here are some key benefits that you can reap from the myPAT community:

  • Get answers to all your queries, instantly.
  • Expert advice and solutions from previous year toppers, seniors, and other aspirants.
  • Stand out as an influencer by helping others out and actively contributing to the community.


You might have joined a coaching centre or have taken tuitions, there will be many times when you will need a helping hand. Usually, students have doubts and confusions after school/coaching hours and are doing self-study. So, now you know where to look.

Become a part of myPAT Community today. Happy Learning!

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