UK’s Queen University To Consider Other Entrance Exams After JEE

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UK’s Queen University To Consider Other Entrance Exams After JEE

Great news for aspirants who wish to pursue Engineering from a foreign university: UK’s Queen University, located in Northern Ireland’s Belfast – is planning to accept students from India who appear in other entrance exams apart from JEE.

This decision opens up a great opportunity for students who appear for exams like BITSAT, VITEEE, SRMJEE, IPUCET, AMUEEE, etc.

Last month, Queen University had announced the acceptance of JEE scores in their admission criteria for their Science & Technology courses. They are now planning to explore more such entrance exams conducted in India. This will provide a great opportunity to deserving candidates, according to the university’s Vice-Chancellor, Ian Greer.

In an interview to PTI, he said: “Traditionally, UK universities rely on A levels, but we do realize that there are different education systems across the world, they need not be necessarily similar, but there have to be certain quality thresholds. The key issue is identifying the right quality because we want the people who come here to succeed.”

Ian Greer mentioned that they observed the number of students taking JEE is quite high, but since the seats are limited in IITs, some students miss out on grabbing a seat and then adjust with less credible institutes. He said that their university would be happy to give admission to those quality students.

The Reason Behind Including JEE Scores

The primary reason behind this move is to encourage Indian students, who could not get a decent JEE rank, to consider Engineering from Queen University

They already have more than 200 Indian students enrolled in different programs. They have launched a 5-year engagement plan to attract more students. This engagement plan includes partnering with Indian institutions and outreach programs.

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