Inside The Mind of Himanshu Gaurav Singh, AIR 2 of JEE Advanced 2019

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Himanshu Gaurav Singh, the boy hailing from Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, has achieved an amazing feat. Out of the total 1,61,319 students who appeared for the exam, he secured All India Rank (AIR) 2 in JEE Advanced 2019, the national level Engineering entrance examination.

Expecting a rank within top 3, he was elated to know his final score and rank on the result date, i.e., June 14, 2019. Before JEE Advanced, he secured 14th rank and scored 100 percentile in JEE Main, which was also the first position in his state of Uttar Pradesh.

Reasons Behind His Success

Himanshu, on a one to one interview with myPAT, said that he achieved this tremendous feat with dedication and hard work. He credited his success primarily to his teachers and parents. He also attributed his accomplishments to myPAT, through which he was able to prepare the way toppers do.

Always consistent with his preparations, he used to study for 6 to 7 hours a day besides attending his classes regularly. He also emphasized on the importance of daily revision, relaxing the mind and keeping social media at bay. Managing time and handling stress was also equally important for him.

Friendly Competition

Himanshu also credited his friend Archit Bubna (AIR 3) for a healthy competition. He mentioned how he and Archit prepared together, learned a lot from each other, which eventually helped them in securing a great result.

Now, Himanshu wishes to pursue Computer Science from IIT Mumbai.

The Much Awaited Interview

We took Himanshu Singh’s interview to know how he felt, and here are some of the excerpts:

Question: When did you realize you wanted to join IIT?

Himanshu: Since my childhood, I was interested in Science & Mathematics. After that, around class 11th or 10th, I was entirely focused that in the next two years – I have to prepare for JEE and pursue Engineering.

Question: How did you prepare for JEE? What were your first few steps?

Himanshu: Initially, I joined FIITJEE in my native town. I spent a significant amount of time there! After that, I came to South Delhi’s FIITJEE center. I was in contact with myPAT as well. Another important aspect of my preparation was hard work and consistency.

Question: How to stay away from social media during JEE preparation?

Himanshu: For a professional student, it’s essential to live life professionally. You should use Social Media – I am a regular user of WhatsApp. But the primary contact I had was with my parents when I was alone, in the first phase of my preparation, along with my teachers and friends.

Everything that was going on was either productive or were feeding into my preparation. So, if you have a smartphone, it’s up to you to use it to your advantage.

Question: What challenges did you face during your preparations?

Himanshu: There were several challenges. Earlier I was in Gorakhpur, a small town, which had a lack of resources. My peer group was not as efficient as compared to Delhi. I felt I was lagging in the initial phase of my preparations.

During that time, I coped up with books, which helped me from lagging too far behind. When I came to Delhi, I faced a lot of problems as I was in a hostel in the initial phase. But when you have a specific goal in mind, then all these problems seem small.

Question: What is your secret to learning and retaining formulas?

Himanshu: Practice. It is what’s going to embed concepts, embed formulas into your mind. So, in the examination, you will able to solve questions quickly. If you don’t practice and even if you know things but when it comes to application, you will take time.

If you want to know more about Himanshu, his secret to success, how he prepared, how he managed his time and handled stress, then you need to watch this exclusive interview where he reveals it all.

Check out the video here:

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