You Will Sail Through!

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The only thing worse than scoring low marks on your exams or even flunking them is annoying front page of the newspapers the day after the exam results are declared. Oh no, wait! There is something that is worse – the students who’ve scored well jumping and screaming with joy and their parents stuffing their kids mouths with every sweet on this planet.

It’s all fun and games when you’ve done well. For students who haven’t done so well, the pinching headlines (and the scores of their friends and Sharmaji’s beta) are like a sharp hot knife – stabbing them over and over again. Of millions of students, only a few make it to the headlines and the toppers’ board at school.

Unfortunately, instead of inspiring students to do – our education system is failing them. The only thing it has managed beautifully is the setting of a cycle of expectations, and brewing self – doubt and insecurity in students as well as parents. So many students end up killing themselves because of poor results.

How do we break this cycle?

Here, we’ll tell you – the first thing you need to remember – your marks are inconsequential to you succeeding in life. While we were looking for the best way to tell you how much your marks don’t matter – we came across something beautiful that Vir Das said.


He says,

“To all the Kids who are going to be sitting for their Board Exams. Best of luck. I don’t have much wisdom to offer, I’m not a particularly wise person…..but I know about 6 things. I’m sharing them with you.

How you are going to do is not certain. What is certain is the following:

  1. These exams WILL- NEVER define who you are inside
  2. With each passing year the importance that you and everyone around you attaches to these exams will fade away.
  3. Whether your results are amazing or not doesn’t prevent your personality from being amazing. At the end of each day of your life people remember who you are not how you did.
  4. If you do well, you have a moral responsibility to look out for those that didn’t and give them love and support. If you don’t do well, you have a moral responsibility to everyone that loves and supports you…to take care of yourself.
  5. Your parents love you, and they are proud of you. No matter how strangely, silently, loudly, or indirectly they show it…they always will be.

Breathe! You’re better than this piece of paper.

Best of Luck.


(Source: Facebook)

So, stop crediting your marks, stop looking towards your marksheet as the document that validates your existence. Go, live and look beyond because your success and your career is not defined by your marks!

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