7 Learning Styles and How to Study Accordingly

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7 Learning Styles and How to Study Accordingly

During our school days, the teachers used different teaching methods to help us learn better. We remember those topics even now, don’t we? But things have changed over time. As we grew older we were done away with such learning techniques and comply with set standards that are shoved down our throats.

We all learn things differently but follow the same way of what is being taught. For the very same reason, many us suffer and don’t perform well in tougher exams like JEE Main and BITSAT.

JEE and BITSAT demand learning complicated concepts and putting them to practice in a short span of time. To crack these exams aspirants need to show grit and perseverance. If you are preparing for the toughest competitive exams why not prepare in a way that is best suited to your style.

Types of learners and how to study

Let us look at some of the different learning styles and how to prepare yourself accordingly to take on these exams and ace it:

  1. Visual Learners

    These are the students who prefer spatial learning and it helps them to recall topics and understand them. If you are one of the visual learners then get hold of graphs, diagrams, and charts to lay the concepts and topics in front of your eyes. Not all topics can be depicted in a Pictionary So what do you do? Get hold of a whiteboard or chalkboard and scribble the topics, formulae to help you visualize, understand and remember better.

  2. Aural Learners

    If you respond to music and it evokes deep emotions in you then you are an Aural learner. Why not use music to evoke your emotions in a positive way and channelize it to focus on your studies. So, all you Aural learners out there, keep your headphones ready. Also, you can find keywords in each concept to rhyme with something and that will help you recall and understand.

  3. Verbal Learners

    If screaming out loud helps you to absorb information and remember, so be it! Your parents won’t mind you making a ruckus if you can clear JEE or BITSAT by doing so. So, scream away and take care of your tonsils!

  4. Physical Learners

    Do you behave like traffic personnel while studying? If yes, then you are one of the physical learners. Having too many notes while in constant motion can be difficult, so keep a tablet or smartphone handy and have access to all the information you need. Most importantly have a larger study space as you will need it.

  5. Logical Learners

    If you are one of the intellectual minds and question everything that comes forth, then you are a logical learner. Logical learners are the ones who perform very well in these competitive exams. Channelize your logic into proper systems and you will do well.

  6. Social Learners

    Do you like to bounce ideas off of others and it gives you a sense of closure? Then you are a social learner. Find like-minded counterparts to have engaging sessions but don’t get carried away with unrelated topics. Have your peers over for revisions too as that will help you recall and boost your confidence.

  7. Solitary Learners

    Solitary Learners are the lone soldiers and maybe shy to an extent. If you are one of them then you always have the comfort of your home where you can cocoon yourself in. Self-Study is not a bad option either as 52.5% of students cleared JEE Advanced in 2016 and got into IITs by doing it. If you are in need of any help with your preparation then there are many online websites and video materials for that.

Which category do you fall into?

The fact is that none of us fall into just one category mentioned above. We all use a combination of different learning styles and you just have to figure it out what works for you the best.


The bottom line is to crack JEE or BITSAT you have to learn and understand the concepts in-depth and also retain them, so why not do it in the best possible way that you can.

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