The Reverse Brain Drain

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College life! So exciting and at the same time so confusing. How do choose where to study? Do you fly abroad and enrol yourself in a university overseas or do you stay in India?

We’ll help you make your choice. Staying in the country, has plenty of advantages and offers you a lot more than a course in a foreign university.

  1. Innovation and awesomeness

India is growing and with it so are its research horizons – particularly in engineering and technology. All universities and institutes, promote the growth of innovative technology. With amazing projects to work on, and a place for you kickstart your own research or develop the technology that one day changes lives – India is your career destination!

  1. Second largest education system in the world

Yes, that’s right! Our education ecosystem offers has abundant offerings comprising bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees. The vast Indian higher education system and its global students (yes, it does have students from all over the world) and faculty guarantees excellent exposure and ample opportunities to grow personally, academically and professionally.

  1. Exclusive courses

Apart from the regular engineering, arts etc. degree courses that the Indian higher education system offers, there are others too. Our rich history and extremely colourful culture have given way for courses that are unique. Be it something like a language degree for regional languages such as Bengali, Oriya, Tamil etc. or a course to study traditional medicine such as Ayurveda – India is academically rich.

  1. Financial support

Compared to a lot of overseas universities, the cost of education in India is low. Additionally, a lot of universities also offer scholarships, fee waivers based on merit etc.

So, stop flying out of the country – go on get the best India has to offer and build the career that you’ve dreamed of.

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