myPAT Scholarship Test: Crack JEE & NTSE for Free

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myPAT Scholarship Test: Crack JEE & NTSE for Free

The new dates have been announced for JEE Main & Advanced with JEE Main to be held from 1st to 6th September 2020 and JEE Advanced on 27th September 2020. The new dates for NTSE have not been announced yet. It’s not surprising that all aspirants must be nervous with all that’s going on recently amid the outbreak of COVID-19.

But myPAT has got your back, as we want you to be exam-ready and help you check your preparation level before the actual exam happens. Therefore, we are conducting a free myPAT Scholarship Test to help you check your prep level for the exams and become exam-ready.

myPAT Scholarship Test

With myPAT Scholarship Test, you not only get to know where you stand but also have the opportunity to compete against lakhs of competitors across the country. You get some exciting benefits by taking the test. Read on:

Features of myPAT Scholarship Test

  • Rs. 10 crores worth of scholarship pool
  • Assured scholarships to all
  • 100% scholarship to first 100 rankers
  • Free registration
  • Detailed report card after the test

So, mark your calendar as the test dates are not far anymore. Also, you wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity at any cost. The best part – there’s no cost to attempt this test. Here are the Test Dates of myPAT Scholarship Test:

Exam Class Date
NTSE (MAT/SAT) 9th 29th August 2020
JEE Main 11th 29th and 30th August 2020
JEE Advanced 12th 29th and 30th August 2020

It’s your golden chance to check your preparations for JEE & NTSE and also know where you stand amongst your competitors. Once you complete the test, you will get an in-depth performance analysis that includes the following:

  • Attempt Summary (number of questions attempted)
  • Comparative Analysis (comparison with average and topper scorers)
  • SWOT Analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats)
  • Behavioural Insights (ace and lazy attempts)
  • Time Management Strategy

With such in-depth analysis, myPAT helps you to:

  1. Build exam readiness with tests conducted as per the same exam pattern and on the real exam screen
  2. Build exam temperament to give the best performance in the real test keeping in mind current preparation level
  3. Identify and understand your weak points with in-depth and personalised test performance analytics
  4. Recalibrate your revision strategy using SWOT Analysis to eliminate threats and turn opportunities into strengths
  5. Become better than the best – compare your performance against both the best and average scorers

Champs, it’s time to zoom ahead of your competitors by taking the free myPAT Scholarship Test.  It’s the perfect recipe for your upcoming exams’ success. Don’t forget the dates, set a reminder, and check your prep level before others to derive a successful strategy for your exams.

All the best!

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