Preparing for JEE Main 2021? This should be your strategy

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Preparing for JEE Main 2021? This should be your strategy

We are in the last quarter of 2020 and still living in the times of Coronavirus. The deadly virus has changed a lot for everyone ever since it has become relevant. There is so much dilemma and uncertainty amongst everyone.

Students especially have been severely affected. Those preparing for competitive exams like JEE Main, JEE Advanced, BITSAT, and NTSE are left in a confused state. Although the new dates for JEE have been announced and despite the extra time that the aspirants got, their preparation hasn’t gone as well as they would’ve liked.

Many aspirants have recently entered their class 12th and must be targeting JEE 2021. They would also be hoping that the next year’s schedule for JEE doesn’t get hampered due to what’s been happening in 2020. It’s hard to predict, but anything can happen, and NTA is also thinking of cutting the syllabus short for next year’s JEE.

There is no official news out yet for the same. However, one thing’s for sure that the schools and coaching centres are not opening any soon. Those preparing for JEE Main 2021 must be feeling anxious about the same.

With the current scenario and the existing problem of students, myPAT, online learning, and assessment platform has launched their 14-day free trial for all courses, including JEE Main 2021. They have started this with the mission of helping students in these tough times while keeping their safety & interests in mind.

With these online courses, aspirants can easily prepare for their targeted exam in the safety and comfort of their homes.

What is myPAT 14-day free trial?

The free trial by myPAT helps students get acquainted with the exam environment before the actual exam and get a stronghold on their concepts. With the free trial, you will get

  • 14 concept tests
  • Full-length (3-hour) sample tests
  • In-depth analysis
  • Previous year sample papers
  • Prep tracker

The concept tests are 20-minute tests that assess your concept-level knowledge. Exams like JEE Main require a significant amount of concept clarity, and these tests offer precisely the same. The 3-hour full sample tests can build your exam readiness as they are conducted on the actual exam screen. You can get used to the exam environment before the real exam next year.


Once you attempt a test on myPAT, you will be able to view your detailed result analysis. This analysis includes sections like comparative analysis, behavioural analysis, SWOT analysis, and much more.

These sections will help you analyze your test attempt to help you understand your strong and weak topics, your attempt rate, how you fare against the topper and average students. Let’s know the Comparative Analysis section in detail:

  • Student Representation through Colours

    Your performance is represented by the color “Blue”. The average student’s performance is shown by the colour “Yellow”. The topper’s performance is indicated by the color “Green”.

  • Comparison by different Parameters

    You can also compare your subject-wise performance based on the type of question, difficulty, and skill.

  • In-depth Comparison using Filters

    You can easily choose to view the comparison under filters like Test Score, Attempt Rate, Accuracy Rate, Negative Marks, and Time Taken.

  • Problem Identification

    You can check whether the question attempted by you is correct or incorrect.

  • Finding Solution to the Problem

    The detailed solution of every question is also available to help you understand the right way of solving a particular question.

Apart from the above, you also get a SWOT analysis that will help you understand Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. By understanding your weaknesses, you can eliminate them and eventually turn them into your strong areas.

Online learning is the way to go these days; it’s safe and secure. The times are so unpredictable and yet we have to move ahead with our tasks.

The same applies to JEE aspirants for 2021. It’s crucial to stay focused, positive, and keep practicing. With the myPAT 14-day trial, you get the right platform for the correct type of practice. Keep learning and all the best for your exam!

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