JEE Advanced 2017: Preparing for D-Day

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As the third Sunday of May approaches, one of the most awaited exams is set to kick off with 80,000 students competing for JEE Advanced. As the competition is among serious contestants who have cleared JEE Main, every single mark that you gain or lose is going to make a huge impact on your results.

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As it is less than 24 hours to the exam, we are sharing a few tips to follow on the day:

Maintain a list of all the required stuff. Making errors is natural and everyone will lose marks to errors. However, it is very important to minimise the marks lost to mistakes. Also, nervousness and negative attitude in the exam can be a deterrent to scoring good. As the exam is complex and tricky, it requires a calm, composed and meticulous approach. In order to perform your best, avoid any kind of stress and tension before exam commences.

What to carry?

  • JEE Advanced Admit card
  • Stationery: Make sure to carry a pen/pencil that has been allowed for filling OMR sheet.
  • Photo ID Proof: Make sure to carry your photo ID proof like school ID card

What not to carry?

  • Mobile Phones
  • Calculators
  • Smart watches and electronic gadgets
  • Unnecessary papers

What to do a day before?

  • Have a proper sleep, i.e., >7 hours
  • Don’t exhaust or stress yourself physically or mentally
  • Solve few easier questions to gain confidence
  • Plan your day to leave on time and reach the centre 1.5 hours before the reporting time

How to strategise during exam?

  • Do not get stuck on tougher questions if it is taking longer
  • Solve the easier questions first to secure marks
  • If you feel you are scoring much above cut-off, don’t take risks by guessing answers
  • Keep elimination method handy. It can help you identify ‘which is the wrong answer’ and finally reach the correct answer

Last, but not the least, maintain a positive, focused attitude during the exam.

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