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Everyone is well aware of the phrase ‘practice makes a man perfect’, but no one is perfect, so, that makes practice all the more important. Practice is a crucial part of any exam preparation, especially when the exam is one of the toughest ones of the country, the JEE.

Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) is the gateway for engineering aspirants to get admissions into top institutes like IITs (Indian Institute of Technology), NITs (National Institute of Technology), and other Government funded Technical institutes. Every year, lakhs of aspirants take JEE to fulfill their dream of a better future in the field of engineering. When the number of aspirants is so huge the exam is bound to be a difficult one, so that only the best of the best gets through.

There are two stages of the Joint Entrance Exam (JEE): JEE Main and JEE Advanced. JEE Main is conducted by the Central Board of Secondary education (CBSE), whereas JEE Advanced is conducted by a designated Indian Institute of Technology (IIT).

To be the best among the best, preparation have to be such that it can give the aspirant an advantage over the others. JEE preparation requires a cushion period of 2 years and it begins with concept learning and later practicing JEE sample papers and JEE Previous year’s papers.

So why practice JEE sample papers and JEE previous year’s papers?

Once an aspirant is well versed with all the concepts, then comes the need to put the concepts to practice. JEE, as an exam, tests the in-depth understanding and application of concepts of the aspirants. Hence, to understand the pattern of the exam, it is of utmost importance to practice previous year’s papers and sample papers to be exam ready.

The key to crack JEE Main and JEE Advanced is to practice sample papers and previous year’s papers as this will not only help aspirants to identify the type of questions but also:

  • Predict what can be expected in the upcoming exams.
  • Identify topics which are most/least important and concepts from which most/difficult/easy questions come from.
  • Improve speed and accuracy as JEE exam does not only test concepts but is also time bound.
  • Identify weaknesses where one needs to improve on to boost their JEE score.
  • Build confidence and be ready for the final exam.

Where to find JEE previous year’s papers:

Though answer keys are readily available online, it is cumbersome to find downloadable previous year’s papers with detailed solutions. One can get hold of previous year’s papers with complete solutions, absolutely free here:

Previous Year’s PapersDownload
JEE Main and JEE AdvancedClick here

JEE sample papers to test yourself:

It is high time for JEE 2019 aspirants to test themselves before they take the final exam. Identify the weaknesses and improve further by unfolding a whole a new world of mock tests.  Click here to unravel a free mock test.

Cracking JEE has never been this easy!

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