JEE Advanced ’18 Predictions: We got them 97% right!

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JEE Advanced ’18 Predictions: We got them 97% right!

There are so many questions that plague every aspirant’s mind while preparing for exam like JEE Advanced –  ‘What to expect from the paper?’ ‘What are the important chapters? ‘What is the weightage of this chapter?’ ‘Can I skip any chapters?’

When candidates take on such prestigious exams, they scavenge online portals looking for even a hint of any predictions about the exams. The most searched topics online by aspirants during this crucial time are:

  • Type of questions that may appear in the exam
  • The pattern of the exam
  • Chapters that might carry the maximum marks
  • Topics with maximum questions
  • Predicting: most asked questions, topics from which difficult questions would be asked etc.

We understand what an aspirant goes through during the exam preparation. To ease your burden, myPAT’s data scientists, after toiling hard and a meticulous scrutiny of previous year’s papers from 2013-2017, came up with predictions for JEE Advanced 2018. Every previous year paper and all exam trends were minutely analysed before coming up with the predictions.

So, how accurate were our predictions?

There are so many institutions, data miners etc. that make predictions for important examinations. Yes, we were one of them too. But, our predictions have been the most successful with an accuracy of 97%!!!

The subject wise accuracy of our predictions:


ChapterOur Prediction (%)In Exam (%)Accuracy rate (%)
Study Of Functional Groups25.6425.8099.35
Coordination Compounds5.125.2996.79
Group 22.562.7294.23
Chemical Kinetics2.562.6497
Chemical Bonding7.698.0895.08
D and F Block Elements5.125.2597.64
Ores and Metallurgy5.125.2597.64


As our experts predicted, the highest share of easy questions in the exam were from Study of Functional Groups, Ores and Metallurgy and Chemical Bonding.


ChapterOur Prediction (%)In Exam (%)Accuracy rate (%)
Continuity & Differentiabilty6.666.7798.33
Complex Number4.444.4998.88
Definite Integration13.3314.4592.22
3-Dimensional Geometry4.444.5198.33
Application of Derivatives6.666.9396.11
Differential Equation4.444.5198.33
Progression & Series4.444.5198.33


Our data scientists had predicted that Definite Integration and Application of Derivatives have been asked every year, with 16.6 and 13 marks (5-year average) marks respectively, the same was the case in JEE Advanced this year. Our experts foresaw that easy questions will be mostly from Probability, Parabola, and Vector and they did hit the bull’s eye with the predictions.


ChapterOur Prediction (%)In Exam (%)Accuracy rate (%)
General Physics6.386.9092.49
Heat and Thermodynamics8.518.7397.39
Modern Physics14.8915.9393.43
Rotational Motion8.518.5299.82


By doing a trend analysis, our experts concluded that the easy questions in Physics will be from Optics and Modern Physics and the trend continued this year too.

As predicted, Heat and ThermodynamicsElectrostatics and, General Physics were frequently asked chapters and this year wasn’t any different.

Check our JEE Advanced 2018 predictions:

Read our blog on our predictions or watch the exclusive webinar by our Chief Data Scientist, Mr. Mayur Saxena: Predicting the JEE Advanced 2018

Key Take away:

We applaud our data scientists who made such accurate predictions for an exam. Like our online mock tests, our predictions too are sure to help everyone aiming for IITJEE.

To all the aspirants we just have to say this: Now you know where to find accurate JEE predictions!

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