myPAT’s JEE Advanced 2018 Mock Test (CBT) Analysis: Discussion and FAQ

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myPAT has released the first replica of JEE Advanced CBT based on the latest pattern shared on the JEE Advanced website. This JEE Advanced Mock Test is the first of its kind and has been developed by ace JEE experts in less than a days time. The test follows the exact flow of the sample CBT shared by the Joint Admission Board. myPAT’s JEE Advanced Mock Test 2018 can be accessed Here.

Frequently Asked Queries regarding the new JEE Advanced 2018 Mock Test (CBT)

With the release of the JEE Advanced 2018 Mock Computer Based Test by the Joint Admission, a lot of queries have sprung up among the students, their teachers, and parents as well. While the exam has been hailed as an improvement over the previous version, it surely is going to test the nerves of the students.

A detailed analysis of the new JEE Advanced 2018 Mock Test has been done in the previous blog titled JEE Advanced 2018: The FINAL Pattern. All the subjects have been divided into 3 subsections. All the subsections are different in approach and need to be handled slightly differently. Thus, the total sections of the exam are Physics Section 1, Chemistry Section 1, Math Section 1, Physics Section 2, Chemistry Section 2, Math Section 2, Physics Section 3, Chemistry Section 3, and Math Section 3.

While one of the instructions in the JEE Advanced 2018 Mock mentions that “The type of questions and illustrative marking scheme in this MOCK TEST is in NO WAY INDICATIVE of the type of questions and marking scheme of JEE (Advanced) – 2018 Question Paper, the analysis is based assuming that this pattern is likely to be replicated in the actual JEE Advanced 2018 exam. In this blog, we are emphasizing on some of the recurrent queries that the students have regarding the new computer-based JEE Advanced test.

1. What to do if all my subjects are not equally strong?

Balancing the cut-off in various subjects is of utmost importance as it has been there since the start. JEE is a highly selective exam and qualifying the exam requires passing the cut-off score in all the subjects. If some of the subjects/topics etc. are weak, you need to identify them for which myPAT’s test analytics can be used.

If your weaknesses persist till the exam, you need to have a clear picture of your strengths and weaknesses. This is important in framing a strategy for scoring maximum in your final attempt.

2. How to score maximum in the 3-hour paper?

As the latest format of JEE Advanced 2018 CBT has a huge negative marks percentage, you need to make sure to not fall into the trap. While one correct question will fetch you 4 marks, a wrong attempt will cause a penalty of -2 marks. This implies that any silly mistake can cause you a loss of -6 marks which can deteriorate your rank by thousands. (Read more on our blog titled Unlock More Marks – Go Online – 1 mark)

In view of the recent pattern, each question of section 1 of each subject is worth 4 marks and has no negative marking. Thus, these questions should inarguably be first on your to-do list. In comparison section 3 questions are in pairs i.e. understanding one passage can fetch you 8 marks. This implies that understanding the second question from a passage requires lesser time than reading and solving a new question afresh. Thus, section 3 should be second on your priority followed by section 2.

3. How do we revise the class 11th topics parallel to the class 12th Boards preparation?

The class 11th syllabus should be revised before you start revising class 12th syllabus. While you are studying for your class 12 board exams, you can revise the JEE level questions at the same time by putting in more efforts. Thus, you should make sure to revise class 11 topics in January, half of February, and after board exams are over. However, this is a generic suggestion and you should devise your strategy based on your personalized metrics.

4. How to schedule the timetable for last few months to devote maximum time to study and least to unproductive activities?

Chalk out your daily plan in such a way that you have small time to meditate (or exercise) in the morning and once in the evening. These small chunks of time can be for 15 minutes and should help you relax. Minimize your time spent in sleeping or TV as these tend to get addictive. Train your body biologically to perform at the time when your JEE Advanced 2018 exam (9 am – 12 pm or 2 pm – 5 pm) is scheduled. You can do small exercises for 3-5 minutes to boost your concentration.

5. How to overcome the tension and frustration related to the addiction to TV, Internet and social media?

Detach yourself from social media and TV at least 6 months prior to the exam. If possible, deactivate your social media accounts and make an alias social media account to view updates and tips on examination. It is tough but you need to channelize your attention towards the JEE to keep yourself motivated.

You should attempt online JEE Advanced Mock Tests to get familiarized with the JEE advanced 2018 pattern. You can get more updates on JEE Advanced 2018 CBT by registering on our upcoming webinar page titled Decoding the Official Mock JEE Advanced 2018 with Mr. Ashish Khare.

Keep checking the myPAT blog for more updates on JEE and other competitive exams.

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