Up, Close and Personal with Sarthak Singla, AIR 72 – JEE Advanced 2019

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Sarthak Singla, the talented boy from the capital of India, Delhi, secured a splendid All India Rank (AIR) 72 in JEE Advanced 2019. With his hard work and dedication, he was able to achieve this remarkable feat.

When he was in 10th standard, he got 1st rank in NTSE. It motivated him a lot and laid the foundation for his JEE journey. He had also cleared KVPY as well.

The Formula Of Success

In an exclusive interview with myPAT, Sarthak spilled the beans on his JEE success. He credited his parents for their constant support and also credited myPAT to get him where he is today.

Sarthak had a strict schedule and followed it religiously without fail. He gave proper attention to his health and eating habits. Falling ill before the examination was the last thing he wanted.

Sarthak’s parents played a pivotal role in his success. They made sure that he doesn’t face any distractions, gave him a positive environment for learning, and always motivated him during his not-so-good days.

The Heartfelt Interview

We took his interview, and he happily gave us honest answers. Following are some of the excerpts:

Question: What was your daily routine?

Answer: I woke up around 6 to 7 AM daily. After getting ready, I used to study until lunch. Post lunch, I used to sleep for around 3 hours. After waking up, I used to take my evening snacks and then study until dinner time till 9 to 10 PM.

Question: What was your biggest motivation to get a great rank?

Answer: JEE is a really big exam if you look at it from the outset. If you ask me what I thought about it 2-3 years back, I’d say it’s tough and difficult to crack the exam. At one point in time, you will think that it can’t be cracked, and you might lose hope and just leave it.

But if you make daily goals, systematically go about them, you will make such a pattern that till the exam day arrives, you will feel confident enough to succeed.

Question: How did myPAT help you in your preparations?

Answer: I did regular tests in myPAT during the time between JEE Main and Advanced, and also between JEE Main 1 and 2 as they had released Pre-JEE Main and Pre-JEE Advanced test series. The questions are almost of the same level as in the actual exams so you can judge yourself accordingly.

myPAT has separate tests for all concepts. If you have any doubts about any subject, you can prepare for that too. Once the syllabus gets completed, then they have pre-loaded tests and previous year papers for preparation. I did the complete test for 2018 on myPAT itself. Just before the exam, they release a series of 10-12 tests; they are at par with JEE Advanced.

The tests are online, and the exams have also become online, so it is very beneficial.

Question: How should a JEE aspirant curb social media addiction?

Answer: I did not create an account on social media platforms. I just used WhatsApp to be in touch with my closest friends. Although, social media proves helpful at times as you can access information as to how others are preparing. If you wish to know how other students are preparing and what is their strategy, then I guess social media is the only medium to know it.

Question: Which books did you use?

Answer: You can buy any book as all books are made to help students crack JEE. For example, I bought Cengage for Mathematics, but since Cengage is really big, it’s not necessary to do the whole series. It’s important just to go step-by-step; what matters is the part that you have to prepare.

For Physics, Cengage works fine, but HC Verma is highly recommended. For Chemistry, the notes from FIITJEE were enough for me because it is one subject where the preparation never ends.

Books provide clarity of concepts that matter the most.

Question: Did you have any mentors during your journey?

Answer: Any person who is on the path of JEE should be their mentor. This wasn’t the case with me though, as I felt dejected during my whole class 11th. In class 12th, I was able to push myself, and I would credit my mentors, who are my teachers and parents.

Question: How did you manage your health all this time?

Answer: Whenever I used to study, this thought always crossed my mind whether I am fit enough or not. So, I took care of my eating habits and avoided outside food. In the last 2 or 3 weeks before the exam, I didn’t even touch fast food. I also did regular exercise just to make sure that I don’t face any last-minute hiccups during the exam, which might hamper my concentration.

Questions: Any tips for the aspirants to follow on the day of the exam?

Answer: Don’t be nervous as it will help you retain whatever you have prepared so far! Try to imagine as if you are giving just any other exam, don’t let the pressure of the big exam take over you. When I was taking the exam, I never thought that my life depends on this exam. I just thought that I was in front of a screen, and I need to solve the questions that pop up on it.

Having opted for IIT Delhi for his graduation, Sarthak is all set to set foot in the most prestigious institute of the country. If you want to know more about Sarthak and his inspiring story, check out the full interview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gyACNuYvP8o&t=251s

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