Will there be a JEE Advanced? Look out for 21st August!

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The Human Resource Development ministry dropping such news has become a trend now. First, it was JEE Main being conducted twice and now there are talks of scrapping JEE Advanced for good. Aspirants and coaching centers are waiting with bated breath for the IIT council meeting on the same on 21st of August 2018.

The changes proposed don’t stop at just scrapping the JEE Advanced. There have been talks of scrapping the flagship B. Tech programme offered by the IITs and converting the institute to one that offers postgraduate courses with one-semester programmes.

How feasible is it?

Though the words and ideas are being thrown around, how possible is it to revamp the set procedures is still unclear. It has been speculated that besides offering postgraduate courses, there will be certain one-semester programmes, which will be offered to around 80,000 students instead of the current 10,000 intakes.

What factors will be considered for admissions and how will the competition be negated is still unclear. The infrastructural feasibility to accommodate the intake of an increased number of students is also a factor of worry.

The motive behind the proposed changes

Eminent members of the IIT council, which consists of faculty members and members of the HRD ministry, stated that the motive behind the idea was to ‘revamp the engineering education and returning childhood to children.’

The HRD Ministry, through scrapping of JEE Advanced, is looking to put a check on the booming multi-million IIT Coaching industry and to take IIT level teachings to more students.

The plan to accommodate more students

It has also been proposed that the council is looking to provide a one-semester experience instead of the IIT’s acclaimed B. Tech programme. According to the proposal, the semester admissions will be for 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th semesters. The admissions of the semester programme will be based on student’s performance in the NPTEL (National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning).

The students who are enrolled in the one-semester experience will be receiving a degree from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). The students who have completed the semester programme will get preference during admissions for IIT’s M. Tech programmes.

Proposed changes to the fees structure

With all the changes, the biggest question that every aspirant will have on their minds is about the fees structure. It has been stated that, if the IIT Council does go through the proposed changes than the one-semester programme fees would be around 2 Lakh INR.

Bank loans without collateral will be provided and special scholarships will be there for the grasp for the reserved categories.

What next?

The Nation wants to know. It’s not just the aspirants that are worried but the coaching centers (especially) as well, who are eager for the verdict on 21st of August.

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