11th-Hour Preparation Tips For Jee Main

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11th-Hour Preparation Tips For Jee Main

The exam season is nearing its end. For the younger ones who appeared in class X exams, it brings a time to sit back and relax. However, for science students vying to get admissions in the most prestigious institute i.e. IITs, it is the start of actual exam season. In contrast to the board exams, these competitive exams have no fixed syllabus, no set pattern and above all, only a few seats. This is perhaps evident from the fact that hardly 2% of the aspirants sitting for the JEE will make it to their dream colleges eventually.

With a few days to go, the pressure for performance in JEE is soaring high. Through this article, we bring forth the 5 most important preparation tips for allprepara JEE Main aspirants.

1) Don’t Overstress yourself

It is very important for a JEE aspirant to not stress him/herself as it deteriorates your capability to perform. The fact that studying for JEE needs a constant revision of JEE Main’s lengthy syllabus can cause anxiety in very good students as well. The key herein is to understand that you have to perform the best as per the knowledge and skills that you have gained for performing in JEE. It is very important to realize that JEE has negative scoring and worried students are likely to commit mistakes and lose valuable scores. (read more on our blog on the importance of 1 mark)

2) Smart Work for revision

As mentioned earlier, you have a large syllabus to cover and the last few days offer very little time to revisit all the concepts. Thus, it is important to figure out the smart way of doing the same. You can just set revisit the short notes or solve some key questions from each chapter. For some, just checking the solved questions their solutions can do the trick. However, revisiting all the chapters and their fundamental concepts would elongate the exercise for you.

3) Set Your Biological Clock Ticking

Many of the hard-working students prefer to stay late till night and get up late in the mornings. However, you need to make your brain accustomed to performing during the hours JEE is going to be held. Therefore, it is important to do take online mock tests during this time. Also, a minimum of six-hour sleep or more should be taken to keep your mind fresh.

4) Rehearse Your Attempts

It is important to rehearse your attempts seriously. You should time all the three sections and the whole mock test just like the mentioned time pattern. For the students practicing sample tests from books or on paper, it becomes very tough. It is, therefore, recommended to take up online tests as these are simulations of actual JEE and replicate the same environment.

5) Have a Strategy for the D-day

Lastly, it is very important to understand that there is a chance of getting stuck or losing the tempo while performing. Therefore, you should have a clear strategy in place. For example, if you are spending a lot of time on one question and not getting an answer, you need to leave it and move to the next one. In certain cases, you tend to make wild guesses in certain questions. With a clear strategy in place, you should know if the current number of attempted questions can help you pass the cutoff.

Last but not the least, you should stay positive and believe in your capabilities.

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