What Parents Should NOT Say on Exam Days?

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With JEE Main so close to knocking on your door, every house has turned into a mini-war scene. Utter silence, tense times, sheer discipline, and high emotions are common scenes of exam zoned families.

When the teenagers are giving their all in their last bit, you, the parents, too, are not leaving any stone unturned in their support.

But have you noticed that whatever encouraging and supportive you say, it backfires hands down? Right? It’s not because your intentions are not good to soothe the competitive nerves but the ignorance of a few facts.

1. “Don’t take the pressure. No matter how the exam goes, we still”

Before you use these words, know both the consequences. Do you remember those driving lessons you took back in your time, “Don’t take the pressure.” were the exact words by that driving instructor? Yeah, now you know how it feels to hear the same. Feeling the pressure is inevitable, accept it as a fact.

2. “Your future depends on this exam”

This is one phrase that kills your child’s confidence like anything. Whenever you burst out these lines, you are suddenly the main culprit of exam-zoned family. Never burden them with these words as it does nothing good to them apart from increasing the pressure on them.

3. “Remember how well your sister did”

As much wise as it sounds, this can be the most foolish thing ever said in this wartime. Please refrain from comparing your child with a sibling, an all-rounder cousin, or the most favourite kid of the neighbour to motivate your kid.

4. “Get off the phone!”

A phone can be as beneficial as a book these days. Don’t scold your child if they use their phone. Gone are the days when a lamp and a table were enough for a study room. You will never understand the importance of a social quotient, though it must be in a limited manner.

5. “Exams are so easy these days”

We pride ourselves that we had studied in those times when resources were too little, and studying was in itself a herculean task. But it’s always better not to compare our times with today, as the amount of competition today is way above than it used to be in your time.

6. “You need to revise one last time”

No. Don’t even enter this dangerous territory no matter how good your intentions are. You’ll wonder what could go wrong. Well, EVERYTHING. You’ll ask wrong questions, give wrong answers, your approach will be wrong, or you’ll find that music too loud.

7. “Have a good sleep. Eat properly. Take enough rest.”

You might feel that no such piece of advice may exist, which is harmful to your kids. You are wrong again. They’ll feel like getting picked at every point. No advice will make a difference to them, only wrong.

Overall, parents can contribute a lot to their child’s success. They shouldn’t force their ideas or ideology on them when it comes to studies. Parents can do themselves a lot of favour by not saying the above things on an exam day.

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