2 Month Road Map For JEE Main 2020

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2 month for jee main 2020

Hey JEE aspirants, it’s just 2 months away now. Yes, you read that right. JEE Main 2020 is just two months away from us. We can understand that you’re in the middle of some very heavy preparation day in and day out.

We’re totally with you and are more than happy to help you with your task in hand. We are revealing a 2-month road map to JEE to help you achieve your target with some well-planned preparation strategies.

This is the time to fast-track your preparations. The remaining timeframe is all about handling the pressure with right attitude, managing time efficiently and strictly sticking to your study plan.

The way you utilize this time can make or break your chance of claiming a seat in the top engineering institutes in India and provide you with the chance to make it to one of the IITs.

So, how do you go about it? Break it down into two halves – the next 15 days and the last 45 days. Read on to know some super-effective tips to crack JEE.

The Next 15 Days

Make Flashcards For All Topics: At this point, given that you have covered the entire syllabus for the examination, now it’s time to summarize each chapter. This will help you revise in a time-constrained environment.

Revise The Way That Suits You The Best: Some prefer sticky notes, others use markers to highlight important topics and formulas. Your first focus should be revising the important but weak portions first.

When In Doubt, Ask: No better time to clarify your doubts and queries than in these next 15 days. Ask your friends, teachers and seniors, to clear all the concepts for any of the subjects.

Study In Groups: If that is your thing, then why not. It always helps to discuss with like-minded aspirants to yield the best results. Some find it a quicker way to learn.

Start Taking 3-hour Tests: It’s not about chapter tests and concept tests anymore. Get a feel of the real test environment by taking full tests. You can take free mock test on the same test screen as NTA on myPAT.

This is how you should go about it in the next 15 days, and now let’s talk about the second half.

The Last 45 days

Set Smaller Goals: It is no news that the JEE Main syllabus is magnanimous. You, like many, are bound to get confused on how to cover the entire syllabus in 40 days. The trick is not to think about the time left but setting small goals. Effectively you will have just 40 days to yourself, as the last 4-5 days are about brushing up and recalling the concepts.

Fix Your Meal And Sleep Timings: You just can’t afford to be physically unwell, especially in the last 45 days. Your body and mind should be able to work in coordination. Treat your body like it’s a machine that requires proper nutrition and rest.

Avoid Distractions: Distractions are your worst enemy, that too, at this crucial juncture with just 45 days left. Stay away from Social Media, indulging in time-wasting activities and sleeping for long hours.

Mock Tests: Dive deep into mock tests. The last 45 days is all about taking mock tests and solving previous years’ papers. The JEE Main paper will test your knowledge, aptitude, analytical and problem-solving skills that, too, in a 3-hour window. These mock tests help you get acquainted with the exam format, help you manage time efficiently and boost your confidence.

Special Tip: The exam tests your knowledge in 3 subjects. When revising, prioritize the subjects. Why? Because the exam is not about completing the entire paper but about getting the questions right. You can’t master a subject that is not your strongest pursuit; instead, aim to maximize results from the subjects you are good at.

As they say, nothing comes easy and JEE is definitely not easy. However, if you’re dedicated enough and have a plan ready, nothing is impossible to achieve. There’s not much time left, and there’s a lot to achieve.

Don’t worry; you’ve got this because winners get up every morning and make it happen.

All the best!

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