7 things every JEE aspirant hears

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As you set your target to crack into the best of institutions, having a strategy is the foremost requirement. And when it comes to the IITs whose pass percentage is barely 2%, it is ever more important as our country has a very strong culture of associating prestige with academic success.

JEE, the gateway to the IITs, is more than a battleground. The 3-hour battle is so crucial that most of us spend 2 years preparing for it and the rest, as the below Quora questions depicts, intend to plan the same a decade ahead. See more on this blog titled JEE Key Data.

Funny!! The above meme might not be an actual question from Quora but it brings out the level of desperation we Indians show in equipping our kids with JEE readiness.

Well, being a JEE aspirant, we are sure you get to hear a lot of things that are either motivating or, on the contrary, otherwise. And if you face any of these situations, we recommend you to “take it easy” and not worry as it is common for all you JEE aspirants out there.

  1. JEE is way easier now than it was 5 years ago

While it is true that the JEE does not have subjective paper and there are many more seats in the IIT’s, the number of students has grown significantly over the past decade. In short, getting into the IIT’s (barring a few new institutions) is equally tough or maybe even more. In fact, the total aspirants sitting for the JEE Main have doubled in the past decade.

  1. IIT-JEE in online form is much easier

Now that the JEE Advanced is online, many parents speculate that it is easier in difficulty. However, JEE has maintained the difficulty or rather raised the bar as the JEE Advanced has high negative marking level and all the MCQs have 1 or more than 1 correct options. And even if the JEE were easier in complexity than before, it is the competition that matters. You need to be in the top few numbers to secure a seat in the IITs. See more at this blog.

  1. Get the titbits of ‘How to score’

Well, it is surely important to know how to score but you cannot rely on those tips as JEE evolves every year and what might have had been the case in the previous JEE may not be now. For example, in the current JEE Advanced, there are 24 golden questions wherein you would not lose marks even if you answer wrong. Thus, your experts’ mantra is something you should partly rely on for being risk averse but good concepts and the right attitude for examination is the most critical requirement.

  1. Only Hard work can get you into the IITs

If hard work were the most important aspect of the JEE, all the board toppers would ace in the JEE exam as well. However, it is more of smart work that is decisive in your JEE outcome. You need to be smart in balancing your efforts across the subjects and then across the chapters. Be assured, hard work can get you through in other exams but JEE requires smart work for self-analysis at each step. See more on myPAT webinars.

  1. Focus on your board concepts and JEE is easy

Again, as we mentioned in the previous point, smart work is an important requirement in cracking through the JEE. You need to ensure that you are outsmarting your competitors. It is an agreed upon fact that the board exam preparation is different from your JEE preparation. However, the smart student is the one who can channelize their studies in both the directions together.

  1. Speed is most important in any exam

Even if you attempt 80% of the questions with 80% precision (which implies score more than 60%), you can be assured of very high rank in the JEE Advanced. Being an aspirant, you should realize that if you identify the right questions to attempt, you will score 64% instead of 60% which is more than enough for a spot in best IITs. See more in this YouTube video.

  1. Solve all the questions to score maximum

Again, you should realize that JEE is not about scoring as many questions as possible. Even if you aim to attempt 80% questions you will have 25% more time for each and you can well ensure safety. Well, if you are an aspiring topper and want to score cent percent, you may not find this strategy the best but for all others, it is surely one of the smartest hacks.

Keep on checking myPAT blog and webinars for more updates and help on JEE and other competitive exams.

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