Crack JEE Main 2020 for Free

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Crack JEE Main 2020 for Free

The Ministry of Human Resource and Development (HRD) has recently announced that JEE Main will now be held in the last week of May 2020, because of the deadly outbreak of Coronavirus. Yes, we’re living in the times of Coronavirus or COVID-19.

Everyone is suffering in some or the other way by this condition. The worst affected by this are students, especially the JEE Main aspirants who were all geared up for the JEE Main April 2020. We know you’re stuck at home and with schools and coaching classes being down, there’s a lot of anxiety.

myPAT, believe that learning must never stop despite whatever that’s going on! We want all our students to crack JEE with flying colours, come what may!  Therefore, we at myPAT want you to stay at home and socially distance yourself without hampering your exam preparation.

So, we have made our exclusive JEE Main Premium Course as well as Pre-JEE Main 2020 Test Series absolutely free for everyone.

JEE Main Premium Course

For those who are preparing for JEE Main 2021 as well as JEE Main 2022, myPAT’s JEE Main Premium Course for 2021 and 2022 are the perfect ingredient to boost your preparation before the real exam knocks your door. Also, it makes you exam-ready and helps you iron out all your weaknesses before the exam. Following are some the benefits of the course:

Benefits of JEE Main Premium Course

  • 17 Full-length Mock Tests
  • 619+ Concept Tests
  • Real NTA Screen
  • Performance Analysis and Weakness Identification
  • Leverage to take tests anytime

619+ Concept Tests help you develop concept proficiency over all your concepts. On the other hand, Full-length Mock Tests are scheduled tests meant for building exam temperament by familiarizing students with the Real Test Environment. The detailed Performance Analysis helps in identifying your weak areas.

This course is accessible for free till 10th May 2020.

Pre-JEE Main 2020 Test Series

This is for the students who are preparing for the second session of JEE Main this year, which might me conducted in the last week of May 2020. You can practise the way toppers do, with myPAT’s Pre-JEE Main 2020 Test Series, tailor-made to help you crack the exam. Following are the benefits of the Test Series:

Benefits of Pre-JEE Main 2020 Test Series:

  • Real NTA Screen
  • Latest JEE Main Examination Pattern
  • Flexibility to choose test duration
  • Instant Analysis
  • Cool Prizes and Rewards

The icing on the cake: myPAT students who take all Pre-JEE Main tests have a 99% probability of clearing JEE Main! Do you still want to skip the Pre-JEE Main Series, without even troubling your pocket?

Pre-JEE Main 2020 Test Series is available for free till the date the exam gets conducted this year. So hurry, make the right choice by opting for this course right away!

Pre-Series JEE Main 2020 Test Schedule

Following is the full test schedule of Pre JEE Main 2020 Test Series:

Test NumberDateDay
Test 118th March 2020Wednesday
Test 222nd March 2020Sunday
Test 325th March 2020Wednesday
Test 427th March 2020Friday
Test 528th March 2020Saturday
Test 629th March 2020Sunday
Test 730th March 2020Monday
Test 81st April 2020Wednesday
Test 92nd April 2020Thursday
Test 103rd April 2020Friday

Start your test at any time between the test window, for 3 hours. Understand your preparation level and take it to the next level with Pre JEE Main Test Series 2020. Don’t think, just act. Great performance also guarantees a great reward.


Also, the freedom to take tests anytime makes this course a must-have for aspirants like you. As they say, opportunity doesn’t knock twice, and we’re already knocking at your door. You just need to oblige and receive our gift.

In these tough times, don’t give in to fear and panic. While the virus is overtaking our world, don’t let it infect your preparation. The best way to prepare for these examinations is online.

Stay home, keep yourselves and your family members safe. Maximise your efforts by taking Pre JEE Main 2020 Test Series and Online Tests with JEE Main Premium Course.  Forget everything else and do it NOW for your dream IIT.

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