How to Fill JEE 2017 Form

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With the onset of November, the wee winter season brings along with it the chill of examination. Millions of students, with dreams of making it big, are either eagerly waiting or, on the other hand, dreaded with the pressure that accompanies this examination season.

Most of these exams are conducted in the month following the board examinations starting with JEE. Over decades, JEE has maintained this trend of being the first exam that welcomes the engineering aspirants. As per the latest news updates, the exam has maintained its legacy and is going to be held on 2nd April 2017 for which the forms are usually out by the end of November.

As you are eagerly awaiting JEE 2017 form, be aware that it is of utmost importance to maintain composure and do the first step i.e. ‘Filling in the Application Form’. Any mistakes in this step can spoil your chances or getting the details rectified later may be lead to loss of valuable preparation time. Here is what you should know about the first step:

Secure Internet Connection: When you are filling the form online, it is very important to have a secure internet connection. If the internet connection is interrupted, the form may not e submitted or the process may be aborted in the middle. Although the online form filling processes can be resumed after some time, it can unnecessarily cause worry to the applicant.

It becomes even more important when the applicant is filling form at a time when the deadline is approaching.

Photo guidelines: Few guidelines for the photo to be uploaded are mentioned in the guidelines or the website. The applicant should modify his/her photo in the prescribed format and size to avoid any issue later.

Personal Information: Personal information should be filled attentively. You should get it checked by parents or elder siblings in order to avoid any mistake.

Email id and phone number: Make sure that your email id and the phone number are functional because major communication about the exam is done on these.

Correspondence address: Make sure your correspondence address is receiving the postal communication on time. In case posts take a long time to reach, it is advisable to give some address where the postal communication is faster.

Guidelines: Last but not the least, some more guidelines would be given as soon as the JEE 2017 forms are released. Make sure to follow the guidelines properly.

These tips have been provided based on JEE guidelines. However, more specific tips would be given as soon as the form is released.

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