JEE Fundas: Beware of this most common mistake!

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JEE Fundas: Beware of this most common mistake!

For an Indian, living in an economy where everyone aspires to become an engineer or a doctor or a CA, examinations have become an integral part of education. Besides being the easiest gateway to IT giants like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and others, IITs are revered in politics, education, civil service, and every other sphere making them the hottest study hubs for Indian engineering aspirants. Well, who else than an engineering aspirant knows how much the competition for JEE Main and JEE Advanced is.

And, to compete in the JEE, you need to be among the top 1% to get through. But, if you intend to study Computer Science or Electronics, you need to be in the top 0.1%. Howsoever difficult it may seem, it is easily manageable if you are thorough with your studies, concepts, and most importantly JEE centered preparation.

What to Watch Out For?

Well, we have been sharing various tips on cracking the JEE. In this blog, we share an important mistake that can cost many aspirants their rank in the JEE and even their selection. However, it also provides an opportunity consequently. You can improve your ranks and chances of selection significantly if you do what many of the aspirants fail to do.

The Joint Admission Board (JAB), which conducts the JEE exam, has announced JEE Advanced will be conducted online from the upcoming 2018 session. JAB made this historic shift with a motive is to ensure greater transparency and easier evaluations. (Read more on our blog).

JEE Advanced had MCQs for which the candidates marked on optical mark reading (OMR) sheets and were evaluated by machines later. The introduction of a Keyboard based answer writing system would ensure that student’s conceptual knowledge is tested. The answer would not be marked solely by the solution. The student would rather have to authenticate his concepts and approach by demonstrating the method used to arrive at the solution. This change would curb the malpractices further. (Read more in our blog titled Online JEE 2018: Short-Answer Type questions)

How to Avoid the Mistake?

Timed rehearsal is important for both exams. You should practice pattern-specific mock tests online so that you are well acquainted with the pattern. This is important for the student to build the right temperament for JEE Advanced.

To equip yourself for online JEE, the right examination preparation strategy means solid concepts as well as exam readiness. While hard work and dedication are the recipes for good concepts, smart work is the key to exam readiness. It is important to take mock tests seriously and practice on simulated JEE-like conditions. You need to practice each concept specifically as well as full tests for comprehensive planning and it should be done preferably online.

How to use Technology and Online Preparation tools like myPAT?

The best part about testing yourself online is that it is easy to analyze your results and performance. myPAT does the macro analysis which foresees your existing proficiency, chances of passing, and probable scores. The micro-analysis decrypts your performance in each subject, chapter concept, and generates feedback.

It is of utmost importance to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses so that you can strategize your test-taking strategy and preparation accordingly. The analysis done by peers or teachers is prone to human errors as these are based on intuition wherein students do not get correct feedback and analysis. On the other hand, the performance analysis done through online analytics elaborates the various aspects of your performance and helps you realize which concepts to focus on.

For more insights on JEE Advanced and IITs, keep checking myPAT blog.

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