JEE Main April 2020: Making the Most of the Extra Time

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JEE Main April 2020: Making the Most of the Extra Time

It’s not breaking news that JEE Main April 2020 has been postponed and for good. NTA is expected to release official notification on 31st March 2020.

There’s already a 21-day lockdown in the country, and one can’t be sure of the rescheduled dates for JEE Main 2020. However, one thing’s for sure – now there’s more time to prepare, maybe a few days or a few weeks but more time than before.

In the current circumstances, we know your preparation has suffered a lot, and there’s a lot of disturbance. But we don’t want you to lose out this precious gift of time. Therefore, we’ve listed down 5 great ways to help you make the most of the extra time. Read on:

1. Brush-up the Concepts

It’s the concepts that matter in JEE. Now is a great time to brush-up all the important concepts. Be it Physics, Chemistry, or Mathematics, clarity of all the crucial concepts helps a lot when it comes down to the day of the exam. With more time by your side, get a better understanding of the concepts that matter.

2. Revise Formulas and Theorems

Formulas and Theorems are the backbones of your JEE preparation. With this gift of time, you can capitalise and revise all the important formulas and theorems once again so that your grip on them never gets loose. Don’t forget to revise them again a day before your exam date.

3. Get Hold of the Important Topics

For an exam like JEE, it’s extremely vital to know the relevant topics. Studying the important topics once again will further strengthen your concepts. It’s necessary to prioritise, whether you’ve revised the topics earlier or not. Don’t leave any stone unturned to work on the important topics.

4. Follow the 4-Notebook Trick

The 4-Notebook Theory is the perfect recipe to give you the perfect boost during the last stages of your preparation. Since the exam has been postponed, you can cash in on the tips and tricks once again. To help you understand it better, here’s the detailed 4-Notebook Trick.

5. Attempt Online Test Series

There is no better way to practise for JEE than attempting the online test series. They help in improving your speed, accuracy, and eliminate your weaknesses. Start practising right away on myPAT’s Pre-JEE Main April 2020 Test Series if you want to ace the exam like a real champ.

Apart from all of this, keeping yourself healthy should be your priority along with studying. If you manage to keep yourself healthy, you’ll definitely rock in the exam, as and when it happens. You can’t afford to take things lightly, stay at home, and stay safe. Better times are coming for sure!

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