JEE Main 2021: Last Week Strategy

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JEE Main 2021: Last Week Strategy

The last week before JEE Main exam is the most crucial time for a candidate, who has been preparing for a long time. The last few days can make or break your chance of cracking the most important exam of your life.

The pressure and the difficulty level of these exams are immense and can give you nightmares. Before we begin with what you should do, here are a few things that you shouldn’t:

Trying to Cover the Entire Syllabus 

It is pointless to cover the entire JEE main syllabus now if you couldn’t in the last 2 years. Learning new concepts now is a complete no-no. Picking up a new topic or numerical problem will rather confuse you and will dent your confidence. This is the time to focus on your strengths and what you have studied.

And if you have finished the syllabus, then keep revising the most important topics with high weightage and practice full tests in an exam environment. Schedule your revision sessions wisely and if you are confused about how to do it, check out our video on revisions.

More Tests are Better

No, it’s not. During these last days, it’s about quality, not quantity. You need to balance taking tests and your revisions. Don’t practice everything available in the market as most of these tests will include irrelevant questions. You will not only waste time by attempting these tests but also not gain any confidence. JEE Main is all about your speed and accuracy. So, all the more important for you to select the right resources.

Hence, more so a reason for you to attempt the Pre JEE-Main test series of myPAT. The questions in the test series are carefully selected by analyzing the past year’s papers and the most important topics to give you a last-minute edge over your competition.

Getting Diverted

Curious what your friends are studying and what strategy are they adopting? This is not the right time to get intrigued by what others are doing as it can hamper your confidence, especially If you find out that your friends are studying something that you didn’t.

Stick to your guns, focus on your preparations and the topics you know well!

Dos and Don’ts – One Day Before the D-Day

The last day before the exam is quite crucial as this makes your mind by which you are going to enter the examination hall the next day. These last minutes tips will help you in giving your best in the exam. These are the few last minutes tips for JEE Mains:

Revise Formulas and Theorems

Nothing more! Remember the notes which we talked about in our ’Crack JEE Main 2020 | Last-Month Preparation Strategy by AIR 27 | Countdown to JEE’ video. All you need in the last week are these notes that you had prepared.

Before the day of the exam just revise the important formulas and theorems from the notebooks.

Sleep Early and Eat Well

You must sleep for at least 7-8 hours to keep yourself fresh for the exam the next day. Eat early and eat light, you don’t want to fall sick on the day of the exam.

Don’t Study Anything Before and On Exam Day

A day before the exam all you can do is recall what you have studied and reflected on your preparations. Don’t study, as it will lead you to overthink about the exam and you may end up with a lot of stress and panic.

Dos and Don’ts on the D-Day

Here are some paper attempting tips for JEE Main 2021:

Reach the Exam Centre at least an hour early

To avoid traffic or any such unforeseen circumstances, you should reach your exam center at least an hour before the exam. Try to avoid any panic situation on the day of the exam, it is better to be safe than feeling sorry.

Read Questions Carefully

In a lot of stress and anxiety students sometimes read questions wrongly and make mistakes. As soon as you sit in front of the computer, be calm and read each question very carefully. Be confident and think positive.

Don’t Waste Too Much Time on a Single Question

If you don’t know the solution to a question, you can’t do anything about it now. If you waste too much time on that question you will start panicking and frustration will creep in. This will impact your efficiency. In such situations, you have to move on and take that question at the end of the paper, if time permits.

Making Random Guesses can Reduce Your Marks

Except for the new 15 numerical type questions, random guesses for any question will fetch you negative marks, bring down your score and your overall rank. First, attempt the section which is your strong suit to boost your confidence.

Give Your 100 Percent

It’s the ‘now or never attitude that can take you a long way. Try to give your 100% while attempting the paper. Make all those years of hard work and sacrifices count. And, just in case you are not able to crack the exam, you won’t feel disheartened by thinking that it would have been better if you had practiced more.

Don’t worry! You’ve got this. Best of luck with the Exam.

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