How to Prepare for JEE Main 2021

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How to prepare for JEE Main 2021 in the best possible manner?

JEE Main is one of the most important exams for every engineering aspirant. The exam holds a lot of significance as it’s the first gateway to admission to the prestigious Indian Institutes of India (IITs).

With many dilemmas over how the exam would be conducted in 2021, considering what happened in 2020, NTA decided to conduct the exam in four different sessions this time around.

With the first session and second session is already conducted in February and March 2021 respectively, the upcoming sessions of April, and May exams that got postponed before and going to be held in the last week of July and August. Both sessions are equally crucial for the candidates who aim to perform even better than their previous attempt or those who will be attempting the exam for the first time.

So, with not much time left for the exam for the April session, it’s time to buckle up and iron out whatever weakness you have in your preparation.

JEE Main Preparation Tips

For you, we have compiled some tried and tested preparation tips that can help you ace the exam with flying colors. Read all the tips below:

1. Master the new pattern

The first and most important tip to crack the exam will be to understand the pattern and prepare it fully. Like last year, NTA made some changes in the exam pattern this year as well.
For example, the total number of questions has been increased from 25 to 30 for each subject. However, the total questions to be attempted remain the same, i.e., 25.

Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics have now been divided into two sections – Section A & B. All three subjects will now have 30 questions each.

Section A will have 20 MCQs, and Section B will have 10 Numerical value-based questions. Candidates need to attempt any five questions out of 10 questions in section B for all subjects.

Candidates must also be aware that these five questions in Section B don’t have any negative marking. So, they must make sure to attempt all these questions without any risk of mark deduction. It’s quite essential to understand the pattern and put all your efforts into preparing for each subject accordingly.

2. NCERT books are like holy books

Make sure that you study each subject from NCERT books. There are some valid reasons behind choosing NCERT books.

Many questions in the exam directly come from NCERT books. You must also give heed to the summary part at the end of each chapter. NCERT books also help in building your foundation for JEE.

Most importantly, NCERT books are best for jee main preparation and written in easily comprehensible language and thus are easy to understand for the readers.

3. Solve Previous Year Papers

Previous year’s papers hold particular importance during your JEE preparation. Especially at the crunch stage just before the exam, solving previous year exams provide you the much-needed practice.

Attempting previous years’ papers boosts your confidence as once you solve them, you get a fair idea of the type of questions expected in the exam, how much time you’re taking for a particular question, and how the marks are distributed among topics.

Practicing questions based on concepts that you have studied earlier helps you get better with the concepts and grow confidence. Previous year’s papers help you in figuring out essential topics as well.

4. Take Online Mock Tests

Taking online mock tests is preferred by toppers as well. These tests help you get exam-ready even before the real exam.

As we all know, JEE is now conducted online, and it’s essential to get habitual to the online environment. Many candidates find it difficult to attempt the exam on a computer.

Sitting in front of a computer is also a challenge for many students as they might not have used a computer before. Online mock tests are a must for aspirants to attain online proficiency. You can take the JEE main mock test on platforms like myPAT, which provides a detailed analysis of your attempt as well.

Taking the mock tests will also help you understand your weaknesses and strengths too. You can quickly eliminate your weaknesses through these tests.

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5. Keep Your Health in Check

You can prepare as hard as you can, give it all your all, and might still end up falling short of the desired rank if your health is not at its best. It would help if you gave special emphasis on your health while preparing.

A healthy mind and body will enable you to prepare at your optimum level, resulting in better concentration and enabling you to study for long hours.

Ensure you eat healthy food, avoid junk food, sleep well, take some time off for a bit of recreation and keep yourself relaxed. Taking too much stress will also lead to a bad result and non-satisfactory performance in the exam.

6. Stay Away from Distractions

During exam time, we all know how tempting it is to get hooked to your phone or TV to watch some show in the name of entertainment. You can also expect yourself to be hooked on chatting with your friend about your preparation or any other topic.

You must resist this temptation and avoid distractions at any cost. It will hamper your preparation and lead to a lack of focus as distractions can’t help your cause.

Make your mind up and say that this time will never return and everything else can be done later. Right now, the focus should only be on studying. Motivating yourself will help in staying away from unwanted distractions.

7. Revise Regularly

Only attempting mock tests and solving previous years’ question papers is not enough if you want to clear the exam. You have to inculcate the habit of regularly revising if you seriously want to clear JEE Main in your first attempt.

Regular revision will increase your knowledge, retention, and understanding of the subject in the best way. The thorough revision will help you remember your studies correctly as the syllabus is huge.

It’s essential to choose the important topics, revise them once you’re done studying them. This way, the momentum will stay with you, and you won’t forget the concepts.

So, the above were some great tips that you must follow while preparing for the exam. When you apply these tips practically during your preparation, you’ll only see what difference it makes in your overall exam approach.

We wish you all the best for the upcoming exam!

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