How to prepare for JEE in last 3 months 

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JEE preparation time slips as quickly in the last few months as sand in an hourglass. The stress and pressure building up from long reach its peak. And you can finally see the years of your hard work and sleepless nights coming down to a conclusion.

Be careful in whatever you do, this is the time where all your diligence would finally pay off. Obviously, the tensions are inevitable but make sure you are taking all the possible measures to maintain your calm and peace.

With the D-day around the corner, get started with a concise yet efficient preparation strategy. Clarity of concepts and a well-organised practice time are the key factors for JEE preparation.

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Preparing for a single subject or a few topics won’t suffice, it is very important to maintain a good command over main topics. Following is the subject wise coverage you can refer to:


Devote more time on factual topics like organic chemistry, polymers, coordination chemistry, surface chemistry, D&F block elements, P block elements, chemical bonding, mole concept, atomic structure, equilibrium, electrochemistry, ores and metallurgy.


Make sure you have a good command and solving speed for numericals. Study mechanics, electricity, magnetism, optics, semiconductors, communication systems, thermodynamics, fluids, electrostatics, electromagnetic induction, waves and sound, magnetics, kinematics thoroughly.


Write down all the important formulas on a sheet and keep revising them at regular intervals. Maintain a good problem-solving reputation in conic sections, 3D geometry, calculus, quadratic equations, linear programming, progressions, limits, continuity and differentiability, matrices, complex numbers, coordinate geometry, permutations and combinations and probability.

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Tips and Tricks

Starting your studies without a direction is a waste of time. A perfectly planned preparation strategy is equally important. Ensure you are following the right path and making the most out of your valuable time:

  • Pay more attention to class 11 concepts as the study material for class 12 would be more fresh and revised. (45% of the syllabus is from 11th and 55% from 12th)
  • Try to do as many quality problems as possible to develop a good confidence level.
  • Increase the frequency of taking mock tests to get familiar with exam pattern, time availability, speed and accuracy. You can start practicing mock tests here.
  • Revision is extremely important. Make sure that you are preparing revision notes for the important topics you learn or read.
  • Spend more time in solving previous year question papers, preferably in the real test environment.
  • Focus on the weaker sections and unclear concepts to identify areas of improvement for efficient JEE preparation.
  • While studying, make sure you are spending quality time. Focussed and dedicated attitude of one hour is more worth than long hours of diverted attention. Also, relax completely while taking breaks.
  • Don’t push yourself for overstressed or underslept hours. Take power naps often to keep yourself recharged.
  • Speed and accuracy is very important. Measure these factors effectively while taking the practice tests.
  • JEE exam is divided into 3 difficulty parameters: easy, moderate and tough. Try solving the easy and moderate ones first and then devote your time to the tough ones.

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Be Prepared for the Exam Day

  • Take sound sleep of 6-8 hours the previous night.
  • Keep an optimistic and positive attitude. Calm down your senses.
  • Don’t discuss much with your friends about the preparations.
  • Revise all the important formulas.
  • Read the instructions mentioned on the admit card carefully and take all the required stationery items along.
  • Reach the examination centre at least half an hour before the reporting time.

And at last, don’t panic even if you feel that the exam is tough. It is the relative performance that counts and you will do awesome, champ!

The curtains are chasing the floor, make sure you put up your best performance for the most important show of your life. Good luck!

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