How to Prepare for JEE Main and 12th Boards Simultaneously?

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“I want to be an engineer when I grow up”, announced an 8-year old me during the introduction to class in my 3rd grade, without any clue as to what an engineer does. But I’m sure I’m not alone here. Just like then, most of the kids give the same reply even today. Well, that’s how early in life we dream of becoming an engineer one day! It’s only in the 12th standard when we face board and competitive exams together that we realise, after all, things are not all that simple.

Boards mein pass hona mushkil lag raha.. IIT toh bohot dur ki baat hai

As a science student, this was my major concern during the last year of school. And with the burden of simultaneously preparing for both exams, the situation holds good for every science student. But, what is the solution? Is it possible to somehow manage and excel in both the exams? If so, how to prepare for JEE Main and 12th boards simultaneously? Or can one of the two examinations be neglected? Do not worry. We have experts’ opinion to all your queries. Read on.

How to Prepare for JEE Main and 12th Boards Simultaneously?

Don’t Ignore Board Exams

Neglecting the board’s preparation for competitive exams is a strict NO. Period. All teachers and mentors vouch for this fact. But why? Well, there are three important reasons. One, it often happens that with the intention to focus on the entrance exams, students clear JEE but fail to score the minimum marks (75%) in boards required to get into their dream college. Two, a thorough study of NCERT (which is sufficient for board’s preparation) is the basic and necessary step towards JEE preparation. Three, considering the worst case, you have the option to take a drop for a year if you screw up your entrance exams. However, you get only one chance at the board exam.

Know Theory and Concepts Well

The key difference between boards and JEE preparation is the focus on theory and concepts. For scoring well in boards, you must know the theory well. On the other hand, you must get a grasp over concepts to score well in JEE. So, in your preparation cycle, you must take this route – read and understand the theory well, and then practice applying the theory to solve concept based questions.

One approach to implement this could be to spend your time on the theory of a particular topic for some time, and then devote another few hours to practice questions from the competitive edge.

Schedule your Remaining Time

With only two months remaining, time management is very crucial at this stage. Plan your time well. You are the best judge of the time you need to devote per subject and chapter. Prepare a strict timetable and stick to it. Keep the morning hours for tough subjects. It has been proven that morning is the time when your concentration level is at its peak. Whatever you read or memorise at this time, you’ll be able to retain better.

If you have a time constraint, go through the marks weightage of different chapters and prioritise your preparation accordingly.

Solve Previous Year and Mock Papers

This is the best time to take loads of mock tests. Solving previous year and mock papers are very important as it helps you identify and analyse your weaknesses and strategise your remaining preparation accordingly. In fact, this holds good for boards as well as competitive exams.

Do Not Stress

Students are prone to stress during the last few months before the examination. But experts say that stressing weakens your confidence and hampers your preparation. So, indulge yourself in activities which help you relax. Eat and sleep well. Take a casual walk every day or listen to music or meditate. Give some rest to your brain. Stay off social media.

Strike the perfect balance and prepare for JEE Main and 12th boards simultaneously. Stay focused. Make the best utilisation of your time. There’s no shortcut to hard work. But once you give your best, the results will surely be worth it. Good luck and happy learning!

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