Last Month Strategy For JEE Main 2019

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Last Month Strategy For JEE Main 2019

In the quest to perfection, there are no shortcuts. If you wish to have a perfect JEE Main attempt, your preparations have to be such.

JEE Main 2019 is almost here! Not sure what to do in these last 30 days? Anxiousness, nervousness and uncertainty can give you sleepless nights, especially when only a few days are left.

Well, we have crafted a plan for you. Let’s begin.

Set smaller goals

It is no news that JEE Main syllabus is magnanimous. You, like many, are bound to get confused on how to cover the entire syllabus in 30 days. The trick is not to think about the time left, but setting small goals. It is always the smaller stepping stones that lead to the landmark destination.

Effectively you will have just 25 days to yourself, as the last 4-5 days are about brushing up and recalling the concepts. What you need to do is allot each day for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

Know the difficulty level of the topics

If you analyze the pattern of the JEE Main examination, you will notice that the questions asked are either difficult, moderate or are relatively easy. When you are studying, this is what your daily plan for each subject should look like:

  • Study 1 hard chapter and 2 easy chapters daily


  • Study 2 moderate level chapters and one easy chapter

You will have to mix up the options mentioned above to cover the syllabus in entirety. Always study difficult topics in the morning hours as the study shows that information acquired with a fresh mind can be retained for a longer duration.

Segregate the Chapters

This is the most crucial step that you should take if you want to ace JEE Main 2019. Divide the chapters into the following categories:

  • The chapters that you are well versed in
  • The chapters that you need some brushing up
  • The chapters that you have studied the least

Devote about 30% of the study time in the chapters that need brush ups and 20% each in the chapters that you know well and the chapters that you have studied the least.

Mock Tests

What to do with the rest 30% of your study time? Dive deep into mock tests. The last month is all about taking mock tests and solving previous year’s papers. The JEE Main paper will test your knowledge, aptitude, analytical and problem-solving skills that too in a 3-hour window. Loads to do and a very little time. This is where mock tests will come to your rescue. These mock tests help you get acquainted with the exam format, help you manage time efficiently and boost your confidence.

Avoid Distractions

When you are preparing for an exam like JEE, avoid distractions, especially in the last month. Want to know how to avoid distractions? CLICK HERE

Special Tip: In the last month you cannot master a topic that is not your strongest pursuit, instead, aim to maximize results from the topics you are good at.


You will have trouble if you think you have time. Some people dream of success, while winners get up every morning and make it happen.

Don’t worry! You’ve got this.

Best of luck!

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