Mastering Organic Chemistry in JEE Main 2021

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Mastering Organic Chemistry in JEE Main 2020

JEE Main is around the corner, and all aspirants must be geared up for the exam. With the current situation and postponement of the exam, the preparation has gone for a toss, but there’s no need to worry as you still have time left to make amends to your prep.

We all know that Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics are the core three subjects that cover the syllabus of JEE Main 2021. Out of the three subjects, there’s one subject that bothers almost every aspirant, and they keep asking this question – How to study organic chemistry for JEE?

How to study organic chemistry for JEE Main

Chemistry is a bit of a mystery for many, and most aspirants find it difficult to crack. However, with the changed pattern and introduction of the numeric value-based questions, you are bound to benefit and find the subject a little easier to score marks in! But you must know the right tips to know how to study organic chemistry for JEE.

Let’s check out some tried and tested tips that could help you ace organic chemistry in JEE Main 2021:

  1. Put more effort on General Organic Chemistry: GOC or General Organic Chemistry is one topic that many aspirants overlook. But it is next to impossible to progress in organic chemistry unless your concepts are clear. Therefore, it is paramount that you should not focus on mugging up all the concepts and focus more on the mechanism of the reaction because the questions are revolved around this factor only.
  2. Keep practising: Practising consistently not only makes you confident but increases your speed of solving questions too. If you get stuck in any of the questions, it will eat a lot of your precious time. You can master organic chemistry by solving problems that include multiple concepts. Mastering each concept would take time, but it will reap great benefits to your JEE Main organic chemistry preparation. Keep digging hard and put in the extra yards while practising.
  3. Solve previous year papers: Solving previous year papers will help you identify the type of questions that you are expected to find the question paper on the day of your exam. The pattern has changed, but the syllabus remains the same. So, previous year papers will be quite helpful in boosting your preparation and boosting your morale. Also, it will help you iron out your weaknesses to turn them into strengths.
  4. Choose books that matter: Selecting the right book to study from plays an important role in your progress for JEE organic chemistry preparation. The best way to ensure that your JEE chemistry preparation is pretty simple. Read NCERT thoroughly. This book should always be your core focus. Other reference books will be handy for you only when you are well versed with NCERT. Apart from NCERT, you can check out these chemistry books for JEE preparation.
  5. Focus on the basics: This is a necessary and important step that most students tend to overlook. Unless your basics are strong, you won’t be able to crack the tough topics. Many students skip the initial introduction to organic chemistry and move to the problematic options instead. The first few chapters lay your foundation and build a solid base for the rest of your preparation.

We can conclude that organic chemistry is something which needs regular practice. Even though you are good at it, a lack of daily practice might decrease your potential. So, solve questions of organic chemistry on a daily basis or at least on alternate days.

For the best way to practice, you need nothing but myPAT’s JEE Main 2021 course that is made by experts to help you attain concept level clarity. Once your concepts are taken care of, nothing can stop you from acing the exam.


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