Now Pass-through Metal Detectors to Appear in JEE Main

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Now Pass-through Metal Detectors to Appear in JEE Main

As the clock starts ticking and the sweat of nervousness drenches you all over, get ready to sweat it out even more by standing in long queues at your JEE Main examination center this year. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), in a first, has decided to install metal detectors in examination centers to weed out students who are planning to dodge the hard work and find malicious ways to clear the coveted JEE Main.

CBSE Coordinator Mr. Balvinder Singh stated that this uncompromising step has been instigated to prevent cheating using electronic devices. The Uber-cool generation must do without their mobile phones, electronic watches, calculators or else CBSE will be like:

Who doesn’t like to stay connected 24×7? Be it within your social circle or with your special ones, but CBSE being as scrupulous as they could be, will not allow you to communicate with the outside world even with your Bluetooth devices. It will just be like passing through airport security, in this case, the travel destination will be a shorter one and will be devoid of any electronic lifelines.

The above was about what you can’t carry. What you can carry to the examination center is the admit card and your ID proof like Aadhar card, passport.

With the burning desire and motivation to make it to the top institutes, some resort to questionable practices, which isn’t fair to the ones who have sincerely burnt the midnight oil.

It’s always helpful to have a friend by your side (which in this case would be Google), but here you will be the lone soldier on the battlefield. Don’t worry though, we got your back! Make sure you be-friend myPAT’s online tests to be D-Day ready. To all the 13 lakh aspirants of JEE Main 2018, we wish you all the luck in the world.

Carry your wit and practice muscles rather than electronic devices. Practice, practice and more practice and you’ll crush it for sure!

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