Online JEE Main – What’s in it for you?

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JEE Main 2019 is online. The announcement from NTA has received mixed response from students across the country. While some have accepted it as a positive change, others are agitated about the JEE Main online test; reason being, they have never taken an online test in the past. The most important exam of their life could turn out to be an experiment gone wrong! Can’t blame them, can we now? Not everyone is MS Dhoni who’ll perform best under stress!

So, what’s the solution? Well, before we talk about it, let us first discuss why this decision to go online was taken. First JEE Advanced, and now JEE Main. What’s it that these exam-conducting authorities are trying to achieve by going online?

Avoid Paper Leaks

There have been several instances of JEE paper leaks in the past. With NTA taking the complete responsibility of conducting JEE Main as an online test, the probability of leak will be minimal. Offline papers are at a higher risk of getting leaked during transportation, storage, etc. Besides, CBSE had a number of other tasks at hand, apart from the JEE. But the same is not the case with the NTA. So, even if something does go wrong, NTA will not be able to get away with any mistake.

Smoothen Exam Process

Online mode will definitely lead to a much smoother exam conduction. It is much less prone to human errors during paper typing, submission, correction and other processes. With machine doing all the calculations, announcement of results will be prompt. Human effort will be minimalised, and more transparency will be introduced.

While the advantages are obvious, we can’t overlook the fact that a significant fraction of JEE aspirants are not comfortable with the online mode of exam. Think about those students from rural or underprivileged sections who have probably never held a mouse in their hand! How are these students going to compete?

Clearly, getting accustomed to the JEE Main online test is the only alternative.

  • The JEE Main authorities will be releasing mock tests for the online JEE Main exam in the month of September for everyone who wants to get some practice in online mode. (When JEE Advanced went online last year, a series of mock test was released on the official website of IIT Kanpur for the purpose of practice.)
  • Sign yourself up for an online mock test series for JEE Main. myPAT for instance is an online assessment platform where you can test yourself against 1,85,000+ JEE aspirants in real test environment – same screen, same paper format and same difficulty level. You get 797 hours of online practice, this can make a tremendous difference in preparing you for the online mode of exam. Try the first test for free:
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If you overcome your initial discomfort by getting used to the online mode of JEE Main, you will surely find the other changes very encouraging. Two golden chances of making it to the IITs are waiting for you. Go grab them! Good luck.

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