Anxious About KVPY? Tips to Overcome Exam Anxiety

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Today is the day.

You have done your best while preparing for KVPY, have put in all your efforts and now everything is at stake.

You are sitting in the examination hall and see a stack of papers sitting on your teacher’s desk, ready for distribution.

As everyone is being handed the question papers, one-half of your brain is trying to process everything that you have studied till now, while the other half is frozen in fear.

You tell yourself that no matter what, you have to clear the exam with the best score.

While all this is going on in your mind, you receive the question paper and glance at the first question. Your brain gives up on you at this point and you end up forgetting everything.

Panic sets in. You need that scholarship and…. Oh no!

This is what is called exam anxiety.

Also known as the fear of failing in a test or poorly performing in one, it can impact your exam performance negatively.

Here are some tips to overcome exam anxiety while taking the KVPY Paper:

Plan in advance

Prepare a study plan to cover every topic from the KVPY Syllabus comprehensively. Starting early will help you learn well and at your own pace. You would be able to identify your strong and weak areas and work on them as required.

Know what to expect

Familiarize yourself with the exam pattern. This may seem pretty obvious, but the format of KVPY being MCQ-based expects a student to be familiar with a broader range of topics. Remember, you can guess one or two, but cannot bluff much in a multiple-choice question-based examination.

Therefore practice mock tests on myPAT that resemble the real exam environment and help boost your exam scores.

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Choose the best method of study

You might be putting in all the efforts for exam preparation, but are those productive? Do you effectively retain everything you study?

If it is about conceptual understanding, make a mind map having complete details about the equations and formulae associated with a concept to help you retain everything you understand.

If it is about memorizing a table or a set of equations, use acronyms or visualize creative ways of remembering values or names in a sequence.

Identify your anxiety symptoms

When it comes to identifying your symptoms regarding exam anxiety, know what they are and how they are caused.

For example, symptoms may be physical like headache or nausea, emotional like getting frustrated or angry, or behavioral. The cause of these symptoms could be:

  • You think you could have studied a little better
  • You are not sure if you have understood a concept right
  • You think that if you fail in the exam, your future would be ruined

Address all these causes by studying well and practicing mock tests & previous year KVPY papers, to have an idea of the most asked topics and the difficulty level of the exam.

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