The Secret Routine that JEE Toppers Follow

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The Secret Routine that JEE Toppers Follow

Being a topper is a thing to be proud of but being a JEE topper is an extremely prestigious achievement. Ask Science students; they know how it feels like to even qualify JEE, let alone topping the exam. Lakhs of students appear for the competitive exam, and only a small percentage of them make it to the next level. Every year, the competition is getting higher with a greater number of students appearing for JEE.

Nonetheless, some students top the exam every year and achieve great All India Rankings (AIR). They are the same students who take preparation tips, good coaching, have mentors and advisors. So, what sets them apart? What makes them toppers? Well, there is no magic wand behind it. They do everything which other students do, but there’s a catch – they follow a secret routine to be toppers and so should you.

Let’s discuss a few secret routines which JEE toppers follow. Hopefully, this will help all JEE aspirants in making a mark:

  1. Minimizing Distractions: The foremost and most important secret for success is getting rid of distractions. These distractions are nothing but our all-time buzzing Social Media feeds or the latest TV series on Netflix & Amazon Prime. It’s very hard to resist these distractions, but you can always check your TL or binge watch your favorite shows later as well. Remember, you aim to become a topper! It’s a hard nut to crack, so it’s crucial to bite the bullet and avoid the distractions for your good.
  1. Daily Walk and Mild Exercise: Nobody would suggest you walking or exercising to top any exam. In reality, this is the easiest way to relax your mind and keep it afresh for the challenges ahead. Walking gets rid of all your tension, and a small session of cardio exercise helps in keeping your body in shape. It’s true, toppers do spare some time for their body, and therefore they become ‘toppers’ due to the clarity of mind. Don’t forget to sleep well! Sleep-deprived students never top examinations.
  1. Effective Planning and Managing Time: It’s said that spontaneity is something that every person should possess. Alas, it doesn’t work for someone aiming to be a JEE topper. Proper planning, chalking out your study schedule, and managing your time is a must to cracking the code of JEE. Sensible planning is the way to success, period.

Apart from planning, students should also take mock tests. It prepares them very effectively. myPAT mock tests can be of great help for students to complete their exam on time.

Here’s a video which shows some amazing secret routines of JEE toppers:

  1. Revising Syllabus: There’s no substitute for revision. Revision is the perfect recipe for success. Toppers have always maintained that daily revision of each topic helped them a lot in JEE preparations. Focusing on all the concepts learned in the last two years and practicing a lot of application-based and conceptual questions from mixed topics aids in gaining confidence about those questions.
  1. Be Curious and Explore Facts: Curiosity might kill a cat, but it can’t kill a JEE aspirant. Ignoring silly mistakes hampers your chance to be right on top of your game. Always be curious enough to dig up facts and increase your knowledge on the fundamentals of all the topics. Never shy away from unearthing facts, it gives you the gateway of becoming a topper.

So, these are some of the secret routines that JEE toppers follow! You can always come up with your little secret, but the tips above can help you in achieving your ultimate goal.

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