What Does Your D-Day Strategy Look Like?

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jee main preparation strategies

The D-day is nearing! For those of you going through last minute preparation tips and busy revising for the JEE, have you taken some time out and decided on what your strategy would be on the exam day?

Well, if not, then don’t worry.

We have the just right strategy for you based on your preparation level and aptitude.

Three such preparation strategies have been outlined of which you can choose the one that suits you best.

#1 Students who have a good command over three subjects

The paper will consist of 90 questions that would be required to be answered within a span of 3 hours. Start with Chemistry and allocate about 40 mins to complete all 30 questions within that time. Mark questions that consume more than the usual time for review, to be attempted for later.

Move on to Physics subsequently and give 60 minutes to all the questions. Allot the remaining 70 minutes to solve the Mathematics section and 10 minutes for those questions marked for review.

#2 Students who have focused more on the Board and less on JEE

Segregate all 90 questions based on Grades 11 and 12. Spend an hour and 15 mins solving all Grade 12 questions. The time remaining can be used to solve Grade 11 questions.

#3 Students who do not have a command over all three subjects 

  • Allot 15 minutes to read all the 90 questions and classify questions as easy, moderate and difficult questions with a pen & paper. Classify questions that will take less than a minute as easy. Questions that require higher calculations will be marked as moderate. The difficult ones would be the ones you are less familiar with.
  • Solve all the easy questions to begin with. The moment a question consumes more time, mark the same for review and move on to the next question.
  • Do not spend more than 2-3 minutes on questions that are marked as moderate. If you are not very confident about your answer, mark the same for review and move on.
  • Attempt difficult questions now. Spend about 3-4 mins per question.
  • Resolve all the questions that are marked for review in the time remaining.

Make sure you don’t refer to anything new right now. Consolidate everything that you have already learnt. Revise important concepts and formulae in the final leap to the exam.

With 3 papers back to back, taking the exam can tend to be a little tedious. Therefore, make yourself used to the exam-like atmosphere as much as possible. Ensure to stay hydrated throughout your attempt duration.

Take care of your diet and sleep right before the exam to avoid unnecessary physical/mental stress. You will enter the examination hall fresh and with the right kind of temperament.

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