What if JEE Main April 2020 gets postponed or cancelled?

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What if JEE Main April 2020 gets postponed or cancelled?

JEE Main April 2020 is less than 20 days away, and your attention towards your preparation must be on an all-time high. But there’s something else that has captured everybody’s attention for the last couple of months – COVID-19, more famously known as Coronavirus. The outbreak has already been declared as Pandemic by World Health Organisation (WHO).

What does COVID-19 have in store for candidates appearing in JEE Main April 2020? There’s a lot of confusion and chaos amongst the aspirants due to this unfortunate scenario. A lot of speculation has been made about JEE Main getting cancelled or postponed due to Coronavirus.

Let’s shed some light on all possibilities at this moment:

  1. No postponement: If the exams don’t get postponed at all, then it’s the best situation to be in. You just need to keep preparing the way you have, so far. Your preparation flow won’t be affected at all, and you can go on with your preparations without any trouble.
    Do remember NOT to stop your flow of studying as you might find it pretty hard to concentrate during these last few crucial days.
  2. Postponement by a few days/weeks: This situation would provide you with the golden opportunity to fill the gaps in your preparation. However, with the increased difference, don’t take things for granted or show any leniency.
    You must prepare as hard as you can and take the maximum advantage of the extra time available to you. It would be a blessing in disguise for all of you to study with minimal distraction.
  3. Cancellation: This is a highly unlikely scenario that candidates might face unless there are an absolute extreme situation and drastic risks involved with the increase of COVID-19 cases in India. We are keeping our fingers crossed; you also keep yours crossed because no candidate would wish to face such a situation.

Things to Do

Here’s a list of the to-dos that can help you maximise your time during this tough phase:

  1. Avoid group study: This is the first thing you should keep in mind for the last few days before the exam. As it’s advised to avoid groups or a large gathering, don’t choose to study in groups during these last days. It’s not going to be of any help, if you see it preparation wise or even with COVID-19 in mind.
  2. Stay at Home: Self-quarantine or self-isolation is the need of the hour to tackle the virus’ threat. You just need to simply stay at your home, do nothing but study and avoid going outside unless there’s an extreme emergency to go out.
  3. Take Mock Tests in the comfort of your Home: What’s better than studying at home and attempting mock tests to boost your preparations. myPAT provides you with this great luxury of testing your preparation with its JEE Main Mock Test 2020.

All in all, your study shouldn’t take any backseat while dealing with this condition. Utilise the time available by practising more and more, keep attempting JEE Main Mock Test and hope for the best.

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