What IIT JEE aspirants can look up to Ants for?

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Being human, we have a tendency to ignore the details. When we aspire for something, our first instinct is to look up to the “big” things only. But we forget that we can learn from anyone. The smallest of the things, if noticed, can become the biggest lessons of our life. An Ant is among the smallest creatures around us. Despite of that fact, ants have a wonderful way of life. They toil hard, stay busy, slowly, steadily survive and sustain. In our daily routine, we hardly stop to notice ants. And it might come as the last thought to admire them. There is a simple yet powerful concept on ants – “The Ant Philosophy”. This, four-part philosophy to success, has been given by Jim Rohn. Learning from them, students, too, can apply “Ant Philosophy” to be successful in life.

Keep trying

Have you ever seen ants resting for a while or sitting idle? We have always seen them running here and there in search of food. And this is first and foremost thing to learn from them – keep trying. Once they locate their food, you cannot stop them. They walk past every obstacle, making new paths if obstructed. Ants never quit and keep trying until they succeed. Likewise, every student, no matter, what they are preparing for, should keep practicing. Surpassing distractions, varying routine, laziness and procrastination. Students must study on a continuous basis without losing hold.

Think of the future

An important perspective that ants teach us is to think of the future. Even during summer – the good times, ants plan and prepare for the winter – the bad times. They gather food and other resources by working hard in the summer. So that they can rest assured during the winter. Students, too, should think for future and plan accordingly. They should be realistic in their approach while designing their study plan. Bad times should not be ignored as good times won’t last forever. Once students have assimilated all situations, they can prepare better, come what may.

Stay hopeful

Another important aspect of this philosophy is to stay hopeful. Ants eagerly wait for summers all through winter. Even in the bad times; ants do not lose hope for a better tomorrow. Staying hopeful is important to retain a positive attitude. As a student, one must not lose the hope due to the difficulties. They should remind themselves that they have worked hard. And things will get better when the time comes. Simply, keep calm and stay hopeful.

Do everything possible

Studying the strategy of ants given us a useful insight. Ants do not limit themselves and gather as much as they possibly can. Following the same strategy, students should not leave any stone unturned in their path to success. They should give their best irrespective of the exam they are preparing for. Life can create unpredictable situations and we should tackle them with what all we have. Being our best-selves and thrusting all of ourselves is the key to get success.

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