5 Reasons for Failing in IITJEE

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1. No Planning:

Just as the quote goes – “Failing to plan is planning to fail”. When it comes to such a crucial stage as clearing IITJEE, we cannot afford to take risks by not planning. A well thought-after strategy is a must to overcome that. Planning should encompass every aspect in the preparation for the competitive exam. Setting the target, identifying the strong and weak areas, making a schedule to study in alignment with these, and corrective measures all constitute preparation planning.

2. No Disciplined Routine:

Failure is guaranteed without self-discipline. Discipline is all that matters for achieving any success. You cannot get past IITJEE, even if you have ample knowledge, got the right aptitude but no disciplined routine. Make a routine to set aside a few hours every day for study and stick to that routine with discipline.

3. No Self-analysis:

On the contrary to the general belief, Ignorance is NOT bliss. Self-analysis is the only way to discover our true potential. As a student, we can improve ourselves by self-analysis at regular intervals. Once we analyze ourselves, we can make better decisions. We become more adept at handling difficult questions. Also, it boosts our confidence by being aware of the scope for improvement. Clear enough, a lack of self-analysis leads to uninformed and ineffective decisions.

4. No Proper Mentoring:

Though everyone has access to the same resources and knowledge for the preparation of IITJEE, only a few could succeed. This is not because of the dearth of study material, institutes, or infrastructure. Rather, proper guidance and mentoring make or break the deal here. We, frequently, face many doubts and queries while preparing which are specific to us. And, we do not have access to the personalized resolution of these doubts and queries.

5. No focus on basics:

Every success is based on a strong foundation of extensive knowledge and understanding of fundamentals. We, on the contrary, ignore this fact and focus on achieving the extraordinary and thus face failure. Once we start working on the basics and understanding the fundamentals, it becomes our biggest power. Practicing weak concepts and brushing up other ones regularly helps in developing a positive outlook. It helps in creating a disciplined approach towards hard work.

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