Beat JEE Stress with These 5 Awesome Tips

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Stress Free Zone

Stress is an integral part of our lives. It’s our job not to allow stress to overpower us and deviate us from our goals. We all know that JEE has been delayed amid the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

The dates for both JEE Main & Advanced have been postponed. JEE Main 2020 will be held from 1st to 6th September 2020, and JEE Advanced will be held on 27th September 2020.

The constant rescheduling of the exams has added to the stress of the aspirants. Their preparation has taken a back seat as schools and coaching centres have shut down due ever since the lockdown was imposed.

However, as JEE aspirants, your job is not to give in to stress, but perhaps fighting it out and search for stressbusters. Carrying stress in your mind will not help you in your preparation. It will only cause more worries for you and make you more conscious. Handling stress must be a priority for you at this point, apart from preparing for the exam.

So, let’s check out five amazing stress-busting tips that can help you crack the JEE and cross every hurdle that’s in your way right now:

  1. Self-motivation: This is the first rule for handling stress. If you can motivate yourself, stress can’t deter you from achieving your goal. We know these are stressful times, but if you can manage to convince yourself that nothing can stop you from cracking JEE, then you’ve already achieved success in beating the stress out of your mind.
  2. Sleep well: Is JEE preparation giving you sleepless nights? You must have heard this before from many aspirants that they go through sleepless nights during their preparation. With the current scenario, there must be a lot of stress turning into sleepless nights for you, but you have to counter that stress. The simple method of countering stress is to sleep well. If you get enough sleep, your body is energized enough to do the daily activity and keeps you away from stress.
  3. Take timely breaks: Taking timely breaks while studying is extremely important to re-energize, to put your focus back to studies. Catch up with your friends for a video call or just a walk in the park. Talk about things other than studies, and it will help you keep relaxed. A walk a day keeps the stress away.
  4. Eat healthy food: Do you know that being unwell also triggers stress? If no, then you know it now, and you must give full attention to what you’re eating. Eating healthy food is a must while preparing for an exam like JEE. Always have a heavy breakfast, drink plenty of water and avoid junk food as much as you can. If you fall ill due to unhealthy food, it’ll add to your stress like anything.
  5. Physical activity: Regular physical activity is a must while preparing for a big exam like JEE. Physical activity adds to your stamina and mental strength that is hugely required in the exam. Devote 1 hour daily for some exercise for your favorite sport. This helps in refreshing your mind and reduces stress to a huge extend.

These were some handy tips that could help you keep stress away and prepare for JEE in a stress-free manner. Want to know what else could help you prepare in a stress-free way?  It’s nothing else but with myPAT.

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With the in-depth analysis, you can streamline your preparation and see yourself become exam-ready in a systematic manner. So, what are you waiting for?

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