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NTSE Stage 2 Success Strategy

NTSE Stage 2 is the gateway to the prestigious NTSE scholarships. To be called an NTSE scholar, you must clear the NTSE Stage 2 at the national level.

This year, NTSE Stage 2 2021, was officially scheduled for 13th June 2021. But the exam was postponed amid a surge in the Coronavirus cases and has since put all aspirants in a bit of a dilemma as to when the exam will be conducted and how to go ahead with their preparation.

This concern is understandable as schools and coaching centres have been shut for a while now and aspirants preparing for NTSE Stage 2, 2021 have felt its impact as their preparation got halted.

We are hopeful that NCERT, the conducting body of NTSE will soon announce the new dates following the directives of the government. Till that happens, it’s imperative not to lose focus and continue your preparations through self-study.

It would help if you were success-driven while preparing for NTSE Stage 2 on your own. Smart work will help you cover the NTSE syllabus quickly, revise the whole syllabus in lesser time and be exam ready before the exam arrives.

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So, let’s discuss some smart tactics that would help you bring SUCCESS in cracking NTSE Stage 2:

  1. (S)ee your goals  

    Your goal is clear. You have an exam to crack, and you know everything you need to do. Don’t lose your clarity on the target. Many distractions would come, but you need to keep moving in the right direction. Once you can find the right direction, there will be no one stopping you from achieving your goals.

  2. (U)nderstand the obstacles

    Your obstacle today is the lack of coaching centres or any external help. But you still have it in you to understand and overcome these obstacles. Every problem has a solution, and your solution lies in sell-studying by taking NTSE mock tests and NTSE previous year papers.

  3. (C)reate a positive picture  

    If you keep thinking that you won’t be able to crack NTSE Stage 2 without any external help like coaching, it will lead to more negativity. So, it’s crucial to train your mind to see the positive picture and think that you’ve got more time due to the outbreak and hence you can make maximum use of the gift of time. Use this extra time to prepare harder than before.

  4. (C)lear your mind of doubts

    Preparing with doubts in mind can prove to be a real distraction in your preparation. It’s essential to get your doubts solved as and when you have any. You can always contact your teacher, tutor or ask any of your friends to help in clearing your doubts. Please make this a habit, whenever you complete one chapter, note down all the doubts you had in mind and get them cleared ASAP.

  5. (E)mbrace the challenge

    It’s never seen before challenging for anyone, and the going has become tough too. But ask yourself whether you want to bow down to the challenge or rise up and embrace the challenge. Your inner self will prompt you to embrace the challenge. You must make a firm decision and be brave enough to overcome this challenge and come out victorious. In this case, come out being an NTSE scholar.

  6. (S)tay on track

    Your preparation can only bore fruit if you stay on track of it – by tracking your preparation. You will need an in-depth analysis of your preparation that you can now get for free with myPAT 14-day trial for the NTSE Stage 2 course. With personalized analysis, you can know your weak and strong areas and work on them accordingly. This is how you can stay on track.

  7. (S)hake the world 

    Yes, you can shake the world by bagging the NTSE scholarship. You will be remembered by many aspirants for making it happen despite several obstacles and issues. Just remember to give your 100% in this preparation journey, and you will rock it.

So, these were some SUCCESS tips that can guarantee success in your NTSE stage 2 exam. Now that you’ve read these tips, it’s time to take action and start practicing on myPAT. Also, don’t forget to sign up for the 14-day free trial.

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