Preparation Tips and Tricks to Nail JEE Main like a Boss!

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JEE Main, being one of the toughest exams in India, is quite a challenge to crack. Even well-prepared students fumble at the time of taking the exam, just because their approach to questions is not right.

While in-depth conceptual knowledge and clarity might make a candidate feel completely prepared, exercising the tips and tricks to mark correct answers for Multiple Choice Questions saves both time and effort.

In JEE, all questions are multiple-choice based. The multiple-choice questions have 4 choices, out of which sometimes only one or two options are correct. Students would be required to select the correct option for every question and score marks.

While a lot of candidates seem comfortable answering Multiple Choice Based questions, similar options for a question could confuse them. To answer correctly, students must have an in-depth understanding of a specific topic(s).

To begin with, tackling such challenging questions, the student should read and understand the question properly. Once that is done, choosing the right answer becomes very important, since a wrong answer might result in marks getting deducted.

Let us take a look at the example below:

Question: From a building of height ‘H’, an object is thrown vertically upwards with speed ‘V’, the time taken by the object to hit the ground is ‘N’ times taken by the object to reach the highest point of its journey. Show that 2gH =nu²(n-2).

  1. 2gH =n2u2
  2. gH = (n-2)2u2
  3. 2gH = nu2(n-2)
  4. gH = (n-2) u2

Begin with identifying the topic from which the question has been asked and apply the related concept. You can also make a diagram, to ensure you have got the question details right and make the right answer choice.

For Physics, checking units is quite a handy technique, where options can be filtered just by looking at the units of options given. If the speed is required to be calculated, options whose units do not equal metre/second can be easily filtered.

In Mathematics, questions are given in unknown quantities. Here some values can be assigned to the quantities without changing the given conditions(very similar to the substitution method).

For example,

If a(n) denotes the nth term in an Arithmetic Progression, then:


  • n-1/a(1)a(n)
  • n/a(1)a(n+1)
  • n-2/a(1)a(n-1)
  • n/a(1)a(n)

Solution. Assuming a simple AP = 1,2,3,4…. assuming n=3

Substituting the value: 1/1*2+1/2*3= 4/6=2/3= n-1/a(1)a(n)

The correct option being (a).

So, you may get options like “None of the Above” or “All of the Above”. While you may tend to ignore such options, these options tend to be right, most often.

However, these options cannot be selected abruptly as well.

There is one thing that everyone does.

Changing answers at the last minute.

The answer that you initially choose would be always right.  Changing your choices multiple times might end up confusing you, to the extent of choosing the wrong answer.

Overall, strategies like these would make your JEE attempt more constructive and productive. A few general tips to help you perform well:

  • Stay Focused and maintain a positive attitude.
  • Develop speed by practicing mock tests online.
  • Quality of preparation matters more than quantity. So, prepare accordingly.
  • Do not overstress yourself.
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Best of Luck!

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