Preparing for KVPY? Read These Topper Tips First!

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Previous year toppers are no less than angels or Godsman for the current year aspirants. They are being looked upon as the liberators who can lead the current aspirants towards their destination and then attain nirvana.

Yes, it becomes a big deal when someone has already achieved the dream you are eyeing upon. You have got all the reasons to follow their path and become the one amongst them.

And the cycle goes on…

We know how important the topper tips are for you and hence we baited Mr. Gautam Prem Jain, KVPY Fellow with an AIR 42, with a pizza treat to hear his preparation strategy while preparing for KVPY.

In this personal interview session, he shared his own personal experiences and also tips for future KVPY aspirants.

Q1: How did you prepare for KVPY?

I had appeared for KVPY in class 12. The syllabus was not completed in the school and tuition, by then. So, I looked up the most important topics for KVPY and studied them myself. I was an engineering student. My subjects were PCM and not biology. I was preparing for JEE at the same time. So, it was not possible for me to study biology in the 11th and 12th standards. I prepared for it by studying class 9 and 10 books. And it turned out that my preparation was enough to answer bio questions. I solved many previous year’s papers before the KVPY exam. It gave me an idea of what type of questions are asked in the exam and simplified my preparation.

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Q2: Any tips for future KVPY Aspirants?

KVPY tests the fundamentals of maths and science. While studying, make sure you understand all concepts very well and apply them in questions. In the KVPY paper, 20% of questions will be easy, about 60% will be of moderate difficulty level and the remaining 20% will be hard. I would advise you to target the easy and moderate ones. If you prepare the basics of classes 9 and 10, you will be able to solve many of these questions. If you have prepared the class 11 syllabus completely and most of the class 12 syllabus, you will get most of the questions right.

Q3: How was your KVPY interview round?

I was interviewed by a panel of 6 members which consisted of highly qualified researchers and scientists. The interview was about the general application of science, which went on for about 45 minutes to an hour. They had a couple of objects with them – mirror, magnet, prism, etc.  They asked several questions around the practical demonstration of theories using these objects. I prepared for this round by giving mock interviews. KVPY was the first interview of my life. I needed a lot of confidence for it. I repeatedly requested my teachers to ask me questions and take my mock interview. This helped me overcome my nervousness and I was very calm in the actual interview.

Q4: Some tips for the KVPY interview round for the future aspirants?

In the KVPY interview, they want to know how curious you are and your knowledge of the science behind everyday objects. One important D-day tip is that you must convince the interviewers that you want to pursue a career in the research field. If they get an impression that you are targeting IIT or medical, they may reject you. Be prepared to tell them the branch of science you are interested in, the institute where you want to study B.Sc., and the reason you selected the institute. Again, be ready to answer any counter questions that may be shot at you regarding your career.  Before the interview, they give you a self-appraisal form. Fill out this form very carefully. Write only about things which you are good at – your strong points. A lot of questions will be asked from this form. Be prepared with these and answer confidently. Wear your school uniform to the interview. It will give a brilliant first impression to the interviewers.

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