Last Minute Preparation Tips & Strategy To Crack KVPY 2021

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Last Minute Preparation Tips & Strategy To Crack KVPY

As we all know, the last year was tough, and this year was also the same. Now while things seem to be good, we all look forward to a better and productive year towards the end. The same applies to all KVPY 2021 aspirants out there!

Aspirants studying in class 11th, 12th, and 1st year of the Basic Sciences programme are considered eligible for the three streams of KVPY – SA, SX, and SB. An interview process follows the exam, and those who clear the interview round, are awarded the prestigious fellowship.

However, the interview round has been scrapped this year due to the outbreak of the pandemic.

After a wait of a long time, KVPY 2021 is finally going to be held on the 7th of November 2021. We are sure that all KVPY aspirants must be anxious with just 3 months to go before the exam.

Your preparation must be smart, strategic, and simple with such limited time left for the exam. You must know some quick hacks to crack the exam and grab the prestigious KVPY Fellowship.

KVPY Preparation Tips

Cracking the exam for all streams requires a thorough understanding of the chapters and their concepts. It would also help if you were quite smart with your preparation hacks, especially with so little time left for the exam.

Let’s learn about some smart KVPY preparation hacks and smart tricks that will help you crack the exam:

Be thorough with the exam syllabus

The KVPY syllabus in the question paper consists of four subjects – Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology. All the subjects hold equal importance. All of them have specific important topics that you must be thorough with for the best performance in the actual exam.

Some of the important topics from each subject are:

Physics – Electromagnetism, Waves, Mechanics, Ray Optics Light, Electricity, Motion, Heat, Rigid Body Dynamics, Magnetic Effect of Current, Nuclear Physics, System of Particles and Rotational Motion, Thermodynamics, Ray Optics, Thermal Properties of Matter

Chemistry – Carbon & compounds (General Organic Chemistry & Reaction Mechanism), Mole Concept, Chemical Energetics, Organic Chemistry, Stoichiometry, and Gaseous State, System of Particles and Rotational Motion, Thermodynamics, Ray Optics, Thermal Properties of Matter

Mathematics – Permutations and Combination, Basic Geometry, Algebra, Trigonometric Functions, Probability, Relations and Functions, Polynomials, Algebraic Expressions, Coordinate Geometry

For your convenience, here’s a subject-wise prep strategy for KVPY.

Attempt Previous Year Papers

KVPY Previous year papers help you a lot to be exam ready. Attempting these papers can help you get used to the exam pattern and help you understand the kind of speed you need to develop to solve questions quickly.  Previous year papers also give you an insight into the actual KVPY exam and help you analyze its difficulty level.

These factors contribute a lot when you take the actual exam. Previous year papers for KVPY also help in managing your time. Now, solve these KVPY previous year papers for outstanding performance in the exam.

Take Mock Tests

Mock tests help you in getting a feel of the exam before the real exam. They also help you identify your weaknesses so that you can overcome them and convert them to strengths. Taking mock tests is a must-do when it comes to KVPY preparation.

As the exam mode for KVPY is online, due to the lack of acquaintance with computer-based tests, students mess up the paper due to nervousness or even mark incorrect responses, which leads to negative marking.

So, it’s essential to get a real feel of the exam before you actually sit and take the exam in the exam centre. It gives you more confidence and assurance while attempting your exam, thus taking mock tests is a must for KVPY preparation.

You can also attempt an online KVPY mock test right now to check your preparation level!

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Always Choose the Right Books

NCERT books for Physics, Chemistry, and Math/Biology are a must for cracking the KVPY exam. Concept clarity can be easily gained by studying NCERT books, and it’s critical to have concept clarity to succeed in an exam like KVPY.

However, you can use the following reference books:

Physics: HC Verma or DC Pandey

Chemistry: Primarily NCERT. OP Tandon for those topics you are unable to understand from NCERT

Mathematics: RD Sharma

Biology: AIPMT Guide by MTG

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Make Short Notes

Make notes during the preparation phase. Maintain a notebook for all the essential formulas, theorems, proofs, and equations while studying. This will be particularly helpful during revision.

You will have all the important material in place, and you won’t have to hunt for anything at the last moment in those 20 kgs of books. This habit will help you save the last-minute trouble for finding the important things to study without scribbling through all the books.

Plan Your Revision Schedule

The exam is just one week away and this time should be totally dedicated to revising everything you have studied. Students need to create a revision schedule topic-wise and allocate time to topics on the basis of weaker to strong. Evaluate your preparation level every day by giving the online mock test, it will help you to analyze performance and identify your weaker areas so you can improve them.

Also, to sort your preparations, here’s a comprehensive ebook guide on how to prepare for KVPY. It’s important to study well, practice mock tests & attempt previous year’s KVPY papers, to have an idea of the most asked topics and the difficulty level of the exam. This will help you perform to the best of your capabilities in the exam. All the best!

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