Success Mantras by Previous Year JEE Toppers

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After all, who better than the toppers themselves!

Kalpit Veerwal

JEE Main 2017, AIR 1

Mr. Kalpit Veerwal, the all India topper of JEE Main 2017, talks about how the IIT aspirants much prepare for the exam. Read on.

  • JEE Main mainly requires decent speed, accuracy and problem-solving capacity. All you need is CBSE level knowledge. Your first step should be to prepare well for boards and know each line of NCERT well.
  • Then you should focus on Main when you are confident of each topic at NCERT level (Main has a lot of focus on NCERT specially in Chemistry). Start by solving previous paper questions to get an idea. Then go for objective questions (try getting a good coaching material because it’s better than books).
  • Start developing speed by solving papers of 3 hours. Procure some test papers from internet and friends or whatever. Then go for Main. Try securing a good score to ensure an NIT (a good reading of NCERT + some objective practice is sufficient).
  • Books– past papers topic wise of AIEEE and JEE Main, P Bahadur Objective exercise 1, MCQ by D. Mukherjee, RD Sharma objective,etc. I didn’t use these books much, but I guess they are good for Main. Focus more in NCERT and coaching material for JEE Main.


Parth Sharma

JEE Main 2014, AIR 4

Mr. Parth Sharma, AIR 4 of JEE Main 2014, is currently pursuing CS in IIT Kanpur.

  • Class 11: Just kept up with the homework (sometimes even missed that). Chilled out a lot with my friends and had epic conversations with them during the breaks and on the way back home. Played Counter strike occasionally and read a lot of books (both fiction and non-fiction).
  • On the days when I skipped school, I usually woke up at around 7:30–8:00 and studied till 12:00 with a few breaks when I took a lunch break till 1 pm. After that I studied until I left for coaching (which was at 2pm or 3:30 pm) . After coming back from the coaching the I had dinner, watched TV, surfed the internet and read books until around 12 o’clock when I slept. On an average I studied for about 5 hours daily.
  • In both years, I never managed to complete any extra book, except the relevant portions of Loney, Irodov (very sloppily!) etc. I did some chapters of TMH for maths but it was riddled with mistakes so I stopped solving it.
  • Class 12: Started studying harder (~7 hours) and initially got good results but after a while my ranks began to drop, paradoxically. Realized I was burning myself out with undue stress and spending more time worrying than actually studying. I was more concerned with the number of hours I studied rather than the actual studying. I also had been cut off from my friends and family as I started studying in my teacher’s office (I went there in the morning and returned after the class).
  • Then I started studying less number of hours again and at home with the same schedule as before. Started hanging out with my friends and chilling out when I felt like it. Ranks improved again (although never really got the 1st rank again). I realized that my mental health comes first and I managed (although not perfectly) to stay motivated and happy during the last 6 months.


Rhythm Gupta

JEE Main 2011, AIR 27

Mr. Rhythm Gupta completed his graduation in computer science branch from IIT Delhi.

To kickstart my preparations, I got myself enrolled for coaching classes after class 10 boards in the month of May. In the initial days, I didn’t focus much. But soon I improved on my schedule by studying apart from the coaching classes.

Motivated to achieve greater heights, I managed to maintain a consistent position in the top 3 by studying harder. However, I had a weaker understanding of Chemistry and I didn’t devote much time to it.

Say it my chance or luck, but we got a new chemistry teacher (Divik Jain) in those days only and he helped me tremendously in understanding the basics of chemistry.

Schedule during class 11

  • Apart from school and coaching class, I did 2 hours of self-study each day
  • 2 hour of solving problems and numericals
  • 1 hour of revision of important concepts taught during the day
  • 1 hour of an outdoor activity

In class 12, I started preparing chemistry rigorously. Apart from studying the daily topics from my plan, I used to study class 11 topics for chemistry as well.

Schedule during class 12

  • 3 hours of self-study each day
  • 2 hours of solving problems, numericals
  • 2 hour of revision of important concepts taught during the day
  • 1 hour of an outdoor activity
  • 1 hour of solving previous year papers and mock tests

Last 4-5 months before the examination are very critical and they create a huge difference. That’s what happened in my case too. My friends who went home during these last months somehow lost the focus and got lenient on preparations which cost them a downgrade of thousands of ranks.

This critical time requires all the undivided attention. That’s why I planned to revise all the study material and concepts effectively.

I also made different notebooks for different purposes.

  • For noting down all the silly mistakes
  • For writing down all the formulas
  • For revision and practice

During 15 days between 12th boards and JEE, I started solving 1 mock test every day in the real-time environment and in the same time slot as the actual examination. After taking the test, I used to relax for an hour.

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While analyzing the test results afterward, I noted down the mistakes I have committed in the silly mistake notebook and practiced it more. Day after day, I saw continuous improvements in my performance. The mistakes started becoming smaller and unrepetitive.

This same approach of practicing and preparing is followed by myPAT. It provides a personalized experience by letting you practice mock papers daily, identifying the weaker sections and then suggesting the correct learning path.

On final exam day, I was feeling confident and solved the paper calmly.

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