Different kinds of Assessment effectively used in Schools

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Different kinds of Assessment effectively used in Schools

Assessment is the sole method to know the single version of academic standing of our students. An effective assessment tells us the strengths and weaknesses of our students and accordingly we can plan a solution and help our students to embellish their strengths and abolish the weaknesses.

Here we have listed certain assessments that schools use to evaluate their students. We have also stated the benefit of these assessments to the students:

Diagnostic Assessments

As the name says this works to detect and diagnose the academic standing of the student. To check that the basic concept of the student is clear. So that teacher can move further and teach topics that require a basic level of understanding. For example, if a student doesn’t know the single digit multiplication question, we can’t move forward with double digits. This assessment works well to know the current status of the student.

Formative Assessments

Formative Assessments are tests that take place simultaneously during teaching on a day to day basis. As the teacher completes teaching the concept. Small assessments should be given to students to know the understanding of the concept among students. It helps teachers to know the knowledge retention in students on a daily basis and accordingly they can mold their teaching technique to make concepts clear among students.

Summative Assessments

Summative Assessment take place at the end or the middle of the session. Like mid-term exams or final exams. These assessments cover the major part of the syllabus. This way teachers can evaluate the students on their knowledge of the entire syllabus. This kind of assessment covers every topic. It is of utmost importance to make it clear that the student is ready to climb up the ladder and learn the higher-level concepts in the higher grade.

Ipsative Assessments

The aim of any assessment is the learning and betterment of the student. In Ipsative Assessment students get two stage assessment frameworks. In this they take assessment, learn from their mistakes in the real time basis and then take an assessment again. Through this they learn from mistakes, improve performance at that point of time itself and learning takes place during assessment.

Norm- referenced Assessments

Organizers conduct this test for a larger group of people. Here students compete with their counterparts. Like at National or Zonal Level. Norm-referenced assessments are useful in competitive exams where we focus on a large group of students and a certain decision is to be taken after considering the performance in the test. Here students directly compete with each other and the grading is done according to the performance.

Criterion- referenced Assessments

In this kind of assessment certain criteria is set to pass the test. Like in board examination 33% is the minimum passing grade and students require to attain more than this to pass the examination. Here we create certain benchmark and the student requires to clear that set criteria to pass. These kinds of assessments work best when it comes to term-end examinations.

Every school uses certain assessments at certain point of time. These behave as the learning and improvement platform for students. Every assessment has its own importance and plays a vital role in successful schooling of every student.

Here we would like to know which assessment suits your institution and which one you prefer to examine your students???

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