National Education Policy aims at making optimum utilization of assessments

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National Education Policy aims at making optimum utilization of assessments

Education Ministry has released New National Education Policy in the month of July last year. Our current Education Minister Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal introduced the major reforms in our education system through this Policy. National Education policy talks about the changes required in our education system. Today, we require the kind of education that meets the demand of current times.

This policy talks about the holistic and overall development of every student. Clause 4.34 of this Policy talks about the need of transformation in our assessment system. This policy talks about better ways to evaluate the performance of every student. These ways are far better than the traditional methods that are almost obsolete now.

Here we have listed how NEP has transformed the way teachers and students approach assessments:

Regular and Formative assessments

NEP states that assessment should take place regularly in the class. Once a teacher completes teaching a concept, there must be an assessment that makes it clear that students understood it or not. Whereas classical ways of teaching focus on term-end examinations, by the end of the year students tend to forget the topics that were taught in the beginning. By this way teachers get a clear picture whether a student understood the concept or not and if they realize that there is an ambiguity regarding the concept within the class, they can teach it again.

Competency based assessments

Practical knowledge is imperative to sustain in life. Mere theoretical concepts are of no use if we don’t know how to apply them in day to day life practically. NEP states that we must focus on assessing students more by Practical tests and understand how they are applying the concepts when it comes to working on the ground level.

High Order Thinking Question based assessments

High Level Thinking based questions are those where students require to use their critical thinking to answer the questions. Rather than simply answer the questions students use their brain and analyze questions. This also enhances their thinking power.

Continuous Revision

It is aimed that after giving the test teachers should make sure that if a concept isn’t clear a proper revision plan is made. this way every doubt of students is cleared. Teachers should change their teaching techniques during revision. Such revisions help students to understand the concept effectively, if they were not able to get it at the first time.

Boards exams in both objective and descriptive way

We all know that Boards exams consist of descriptive type questions. Now NEP aims at changing the picture of Indian Education. NEP aims to focus on putting ample amount of objective type questions in the Board examinations. This prepare students simultaneously for Competitive exams. As most of the competitive exams focus on objective type questions.

This way we conclude that NEP has improved our assessment system. It not only aims at giving assessment to students but make it sure how to provide benefit to students after giving assessments. By preparing a proper strategy to overcome the loopholes.

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