Efficient Assessment Software Solution is the right tool to invest on….WHY?

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Efficient Assessment Software Solution is the right tool to invest on….WHY?

Rightly stated by Socrates, “Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.”

The aim of education was never to fill the students with lots and lots of information. However, it was to enlighten them in such a way that they are able to make use of information in the right way. This also helps students to live life in a meaningful manner. Similarly, teaching students without knowing that how much they have retained makes no sense. Assessments play a crucial role when we talk about education. Giving lectures and giving assessments are two sides of the coin and both should be conducted evenly. This way teachers understand that whatever they taught in the class is grasped by the student or drained away. To know this, regular assessments play a major role.

Here we will mention how regular assessments and an efficient assessment software solution benefit different stakeholder in a positive way:

To School Management:

  1. School Management understands that which class is lagging in a certain topic and they can tell teachers to teach that topic again in the class
  2. Through assessments before final exams several times the revision takes place that helps in improving the overall result of the school

To Teachers:

  1. Proper assessment tools help teachers to evaluate the student in a much effective way because while teaching in class it is not feasible to focus on every student but through the results of the assessment, they realize who is a weak student and where to put extra effort.
  2. When there is a proper tool for regular assessment teachers don’t need to invest time in preparing questions and then checking the answer sheets. The time left can be utilized in more effective tasks. Like making an improvement plan for a class or for individual students.

To Students:

  1. Through proper assessment tools, students can take assessments anytime anywhere. They don’t require a physical classroom to attempt the exam, especially during pandemics. This increases the attempt rate. This also reduces the chance of casual attempts as they take exams as per their preferred time and place.
  2. Students realize their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats after the result of the assessment, and they can prepare their revision plan accordingly.

To Parents:

  1. A good assessment tool is very useful for parents as well. Through that, they can check the performance of their children. This helps them in revising the concepts when they are at home. This becomes more relevant as during this pandemic most of the students are at home only. So, parents can make optimum utilization of the assessment tools.
  2. Parents can check that while at home their child is seriously taking the assessment and if there is a casual attempt they can work on the loophole.

Here we have seen that a good and efficient assessment tool plays a vital role in improving the academic performance of students. This is of utmost importance for all stakeholders associated with the education industry. We strongly feel that every education institute must invest in an efficient and effective assessment software solution. It can be of great importance for our students to get the right education by the right means.

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