8 Advantages of being an NTSE Scholar

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8 Advantages of being an NTSE Scholar

While this crazy world is busy getting manifested with Dhinchak Pooja songs, KRK critic reviews, and “chai pee lo” wali aunty, earning the title of an NTSE scholar is a real thing of pride.

Apart from the attractive scholarship, there are several other benefits of being an NTSE Scholar that you can enjoy throughout your life.

Quite obvious, if something is that valuable it won’t be easily achievable. Every year more than 3 lakh students test themselves of which only an elite 1000 end up as NTSE scholars.

With a motive to test the aptitude of students in Class 10, NTSE is conducted and a scholarship of INR 1250/month is given from class 11th which changes once you get to college. For professional courses like engineering or medicine, an NTSE scholar can avail of these scholarships until post-graduation.

NTSE Scholar Advantages

A monthly scholarship of Rs 1250 is given to NTSE scholars for pursuing science, social science, humanities, fine arts, languages, commerce, or vocational studies in classes 11 and 12. The scholarship amount is increased to Rs 2000 per month at the undergraduate level. The scholarship for Ph.D. programs is as per the UGC standards.

Being an NTSE scholar also instills confidence to crack various competitive exams that you need to take in class 12. Below are a few benefits of being an NTSE Scholar –

    • Most recognized coaching centers that prepare students for careers in a science discipline (JEE, medical, etc.) offer free admission and up to 50% off on study material.
    • If you’re an IIIT-Delhi aspirant, bonus points of up to 3.5 are added to your JEE Main score while considering admission into the institute.
    • Several foreign universities that offer undergraduate science courses give preference to NTSE scholars during selections.
    • Bagging internships during the early years of college, having the tag of an NTSE Scholar, is easier as compared to others.
    • NTSE Scholars get an edge over the others if they want to study in a foreign country. Those applying for US scholarships get additional marks for being an NTSE qualifier.
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    • Some colleges in India have seats reserved exclusively for NTSE scholars. You can get direct admission without taking any entrance tests.
    • Your resume displaying the tag of ‘NTSE scholar’ is an added advantage while applying for job interviews. An NTSE scholar is also given preference in government jobs as well. In fact, it is also helpful during NDA interview selection.
    • NTSE scholars get discounts on course materials and books at high school. In case someone applies for admission to another school, then NTSE scholars are always preferred.

Still here? Stop dreaming and start working hard. After all, bragging among your friends and acting pricey is one more advantage we missed upon, but you won’t!

Would you?

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