5 Important Tips to crack NTSE Stage 2 exam 2021

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5 Important Tips to crack NTSE Stage 2 exam 2020

NTSE is one such exam that helps talented students from class 10th bag prestigious scholarships. It is not only about scholarship but a matter of great pride and honor for students to be recognized as the nation’s talent.

With NTSE Stage 1 being already conducted, all eyes are now set on NTSE Stage 2, the national-level exam eventually leads to students bagging the scholarship.

NTSE 2021 Stage 2 exam was supposed to be held on 13th June, but it was postponed due to a surge in covid cases and it will now be conducted on 24th October 2021. The result is expected to be declared in March or April 2022.

With hardly any time left for the exam, it’s crucial to know the best tips and tricks to crack the exam and get closer to the esteemed scholarship. Let’s learn five such preparation tips for the best performance in the exam.

Preparation Tips for NTSE Stage 2

For NTSE Stage 2, although the subjects and syllabus are the same as Stage I, the actual difference lies in the difficulty level and analytical approach towards questions.

It might take a long for you to read and comprehend the answer, so relax and jot down some important points to keep in mind.

Have in-depth knowledge of the syllabus

In-depth knowledge of syllabus and exam patterns always helps, apart from making an effective study plan to forming strategies to perform well in the examination hall. All subjects are essential, but Mental Ability and Social Science usually play a very crucial role.  For Stage 2, you need to go through the CBSE syllabus of Classes 9 and 10.

Prepare Regular Notes of Each Subject

Maintaining notes will not help in quick revision and finding the most relevant topics to study in the last few days. These notes are beneficial if you don’t want to go through the big books all over again. Try to make subject-wise notes to take care of all the last-minute hustle and quickly revise the essential topics.

Solve Previous Years Question Papers

NTSE Previous Year Papers help you in understanding the exam pattern and the type of questions quite well. Basis this, you can develop your techniques and strategies to attempt maximum questions in the limited time provided to complete the test. It also helps you analyze your performance and identify your weak areas to work on them and improve your performance. Start solving NTSE previous years’ papers now!

Take Online Mock Tests

Online mock tests are your best bet when it comes to NTSE Stage 2 preparation. Taking as many mock tests and practice tests is one of the best methods to check your progress and your potential amongst your competition. It helps you stay confident so that you can give your best shot on the D-day. You can solve NTSE online mock test for free here. You should also take the free NTSE test series which will help to experience the real exam before the exam and get a personalized analysis of your performance.

Take Proper Rest & Eat Healthy Food

We all know that exam stress and worry are common symptoms before the final day. Having less time for NTSE exam preparation doesn’t mean you will start neglecting your health. Make sure that you eat healthy food and have enough sleep while studying for those extra hours. What you eat and how long you sleep have a direct impact on your final exam performance. So, never forget to pay equal attention to your health when preparing for NTSE Stage 2 exam.

Bonus Tips for NTSE Stage 2

  • The secret to acing the MAT section is plenty of practice. This will build your accuracy level and speed.
  • Social Science has the highest weightage, and being a theoretical subject; it isn’t easy too. To ensure that you don’t lose any marks, study from both your 9th and 10th class textbooks.
  • For Science and Mathematics, refer to your state board textbooks first and then the NCERT. Make sure you solve as many problems as you can to develop conceptual clarity.

The above were the five best preparation and some bonus tips for cracking NTSE Stage 2 like a champ, and if you follow them by your heart, no one can stop you from bagging that scholarship.

However, that scholarship has a lot of advantages as well that you might not be aware of! Those reasons will give you the extra motivation to perform well in the exam. With a motive to test students’ aptitude in Class 10, NTSE is conducted and a scholarship of INR 1250/month is given from Class 11 which changes once you get to college.

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Benefits of Being an NTSE Scholar

For professional courses like engineering or medicine, an NTSE scholar can avail of these scholarships until post-graduation. Let’s learn about some of the major advantages of being an NTSE scholar:

  • Most of the recognized coaching centers that prepare students for careers in the science discipline (JEE, Medical, etc.) offer free admission and 50% off on preparation material and tuition fees.
  • NTSE scholars are awarded up to 3.5 bonus points in their JEE Main score if considering admission to IIIT-Delhi.
  • Several foreign universities that offer undergraduate science courses give preference to NTSE scholars during selections.
  • Bagging internships during the early years of college (when you have nothing substantial on your resume) is easier as compared to others.
  • A monthly scholarship of Rs 1250 is given to NTSE scholars for pursuing science, social science, humanities, fine arts, languages, commerce, or vocational studies in classes 11 and 12. The scholarship amount is increased to Rs 2000 per month from undergraduate up to doctoral level.

Now you know the best tips to prepare for NTSE Stage 2 and the benefits of being an NTSE scholar. If you want to see yourself as the next scholar, myPAT’s NTSE course is your best bet to take care of your preparation needs in the limited time left.

All the best for the exam!

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