The Secret of NTSE Success – Sample Papers

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National talent Search Examination (popularly known as NTSE) is a highly coveted scholarship programme conducted by the National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT) since 1961. Initially this was started only for the students of Delhi to identify, inspire and award academic talent. NTSE is now conducted all over the country and is one of the most prestigious exams for school level students.

NTSE is conducted in two stages for the students of class 10.

NTSE Stage 1

  • Usually held on the first Sunday of November every year
  • Conducted on the state/union territory level as an offline exam
  • Subjects tested under SAT – Mathematics, Science, Social Science and English
  • Every state/union territory declares it’s results separately

NTSE Stage 2

  • Usually held in the second week of May
  • Conducted on the national level as an offline exam
  • Subjects tested under SAT – Mathematics, Science and Social Science

Candidates that qualify NTSE stage 2 are awarded the esteemed scholarship and are titled as ‘NTSE Scholars’.

But what does it take to make it to the absolute top, clear the NTSE and be awarded the prized NTSE scholarship? Practice. Lots and lots of practice.

The only way to practice properly is by solving NTSE sample papers.

By opting to practice from authentic NTSE sample papers, the candidate can benefit in multiple ways. Apart from being adept with the question paper pattern, types of questions, difficulty level of questions etc., practicing from NTSE sample papers also helps with building speed and accuracy.

Solving NTSE sample papers regularly in the following ways:

  1. Test your Concepts –

By solving multiple NTSE sample papers, students will be able to know what is their level of understanding of the concepts. Specially with mathematics and science, solving sample papers will help test the knowledge of basics.

  1. Builds Temperament –

For the questions of the MAT section, it is vital that the student practices from NTSE sample papers every day. This will help build the ability to think logically and increase problem solving speed.

  1. Time Management –

Solving sample papers periodically helps build time management skills. Solving NTSE sample papers by the clock, will help with getting used to time bound competitive examinations.

  1. Head-start on board exam preparation –

The syllabus for your board exam and NTSE are similar. When preparing to crack the NTSE, sample papers help you get a head start on testing yourself and making sure that you are indeed ready for the board exams.

Start today, with and solve as many sample papers as you possibly can! That dear friends is the secret to NTSE success!

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